Consolidation of Power
Nazi Propaganda


This page contains 67 posters from the first two years of the Third Reich. They begin with Goebbels' masterful campaign for the March 1933 elections and continue through the Nazi full consolidation of power in the fall of 1934, when, following the death of Paul von Hindenburg, Hitler assumed the Presidency. With this step, he became commander-in-chief of the German army, and official head of the German state.

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 30 January 1933 (1935)
 Work and Bread Through List l (1933)
 Work and Bread (1933)
 Suffering/Hunger or Work/Bread (1933)

 Hindenburg and Hitler
 Never will the Reich be destroyed (1933)
 The Field Marshal and the Corporal (1933)
 Bill for 14 years of Slavery (1933)

 The German Destiny 1918-1933 (1933)
 We are Fed Up with Voting (1933)
 Give Me Four Years (1933)
 Give Hitler Four Years

 Give me Four Years (1933)
 Only Hitler (1933)
 For 13 Years Hitler has worked (1933)

 An End to our Civil War (1933)
 SPD is the Guardian Angel to Capitalism (1933)
 The Vote is decisive (1933)
  Frederick, Bismarck, Hindenburg, Hitler (1933)

 SA Rollcall on 23 February (1933)
  We Created the new Germany (1933)
 SA and Army (1933)
 The Reichstag in Flames (1933)

  Work (1933)
  We remain Comrades, DAF (1933)
  Students Join Freedom Movement (1933)
 Help Hitler rebuild (1933)

 Buy Only in German Stores (1933)
  Announcement of Boycott (1933)
 Germans Defend Yourselves (1933)
 Nathan Schmidt Jewish Owner (1933)

 Jews in the German Economy (1933)
 14 Years Jewish Republic (1933)
 SA Man Brand (1933)
  Hitler Youth Quex (1933)

 Walter's Fight for Hitler (1933)
 Raise the Banner: Quartet (1933)
 1st Berlin SS Review (1933)
 Women in Service for Volk (1933)

 National Day of Saving (1933)
 Don't Spend, Sacrifice (1933)
 Plebiscite vote Yes (1933)
 We Want a Peace with Honor, Vote "Yes" (1933)

  Army of workers and of Peace answer 'yes' (1933)
 You must vote on both ballots (1933)
 The vote must be Yes (1933)
 True to the Führer (1933)

 Papal Nuncio now Understands! (1933)
 Fighters for the People (1934)
 Sacrifice for the Fight! (1933)
 Youth March to the Führer (1934)

 National Career Competition (1934)
 Hermann Goering as Federal Hunting Master (1934)
 Hunters Gleichgeschaltet (1934)
 Hitler Youth Day in Wurzburg (1934)

 Come to Us (1934)
 Youth Fest, 23 June (1934)
 This Hand leads the Reich (1934)
 Hitler Youth Swabia (1934)

 Youth Serves the Führer (1934)
 Say 'Yes" on 19 August (1934)
 Führer we follow and say 'Yes' (1934)
 Hitler Youth Postcard (1934)

 Nürnberg Party Rally (1934)
 BdM Sports Rally, September (1934)
 Germany has become Beautiful (1934)

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