Political Posters
from the Depression Years

This page contains 37 posters which circulated in Germany in the desperate months following the onset of the World Depression in November 1929. This collection contains examples from all the major political parties, showing how each attempted to use the Depression as a weapon in their own own struggle for political power.

Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that many of the powerful images which appear are remarkably similiar. And thus it is also not surprising to see how many of these posters stress a negative picture of their opponents, rather than offering any positive solutions to the economic distress.

Yet in time, the Nazi party showed its remarkable ability to adjust the themes which it had previously stressed and embrace the issues of unemployment and despair, making these into the central image for their political propaganda.

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Vote SPD against Capitalism, Nazis, and Communists (1930)

More Power to the President, Vote DNVP(1930)

Vote SPD against Civil War and the Swastika (1930)

German Women, Think of Your Children (1930)

Large Stores threaten Small Businesses (1930)
Mothers, Protect Your Children! (1930)
Christian Cross or Hakenkreuz (1930)
Down with the Brüning Dictatorship (1930)

How are you helping the SPD to win (1930)
Workers, defend yourselves! (1930)
Get Out! Anarchy not allowed! (1930)
DNVP identifies the enemies (1930)

Why I left SPD to join the Communists (1930)
DVP Bell stands for Equality and Freedom (1930)
We vote our anger! (1930)
The Case of Two Pensioned Metal Workers (1930)

 Hand has Five Fingers, vote KPD List 5 (1930)
 The KPD must clear out the dung (1930)
 Nazi Appeal to Veterans of the Royal Bavarian Army (1930)
 KPD: Death or Bread (1930)

 We Honor Laborers. Workers join us (1930)
 The Nazis can only hate and complain. Don't vote for the Complaining Party (1930)>
 Protect your children, your wife, your country in the Army (1930)
 Women! Fight with the KPD (1930)

 Don't Desert Us and our Social Benefits (1930)
 SPD against Pension Cuts (1930)
 Away with the Nazis (1930)
 Give us bread, not Cruisers (1930)

 Nazis lie to the voters (1931)
 115 Communists murdered in 14 months (1931)
 Nazi Marionette Show (1931)
 Join Communists in a Mass Strike, 1 May 1931

I will strike, even if Germany is destroyed [Nazi poster against the Communists] (1931)
NSDAP Membership Card, 26 November 1931
Women, Save the German Family (1931)
The Nazi Party is the Organized Will of the Volk (1931)

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