The High Style of Nazi Propaganda

This page contains 44 posters from the mid- to late-1920s, a period during which the chief symbols and stylistic innovations of Nazi propaganda first began to appear. Released from prison by a Christmas Amnesty after serving only 9 months of his five-year sentence, Hitler threw himself into reorganizing the party and applying to it the lessons he had learned from the failed Beer Hall Putsch. He was determined henceforth to avoid revolutionary violence, as well as reliance upon other right-wing organizations. Instead, he would build a mass political party by the use of propaganda and the skillful manipulation of symbols. In Mein Kampf, the book he started in prison and published in 1925, Hitler made no secret of his obsession with posters and slogans. The pictures on this page are his deliberate attempt to "win the hearts" of the German people.

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 For Hearth, School and Work Place (1925)
 First Bread, then Reparations (1925)
 Is this Your Fight, Marxists? (1925)
 This Plebesite is Common Theft (1926)

 The True Leader of Marxism is Juda
 Revolutionary Youth Come Join Us (1927)
 Jews Invite Death into Germany (1927)
 Buy from Germans (1927)

 Why Can't Hitler Speak (1927)
 For Freedom [Rally of 1927])
 Smash the World Enemy (1928)
 The Blow Must Go Home! (1928)

 Paragraphs against Freedom Fighters (1928)
 Or Else they Died in Vain (1928)
 Death to Lies (1928)
 Death to True Enemy (1928)

 Break the Dawes Chains (1928)
 Down with the Dawes Pact! 1928)
 Victory or Defeat is in God's Hands (1928)
 Freedom awakens. Break the Chains (1928)

 Iron Cohorts of the German Revolution (1928)
 End this Corruption (1928)
 And even after 60 Years! (1929)
 69 Years of Tribute! (1929)

 Down to the Last Cow! (1929)
 Until the Third Generation (1929)
 Juda and the Young Plan (1929)
 First say Yes, then celebrate Christmas (1929)

 Carry On! He can take it! (1929)
 Our Building Blocks: Freedom, Bread (1930)
 The SA in Action (1930)
 Stop! The Money belongs to Creative People (1930)

 The Choice is Yours (1928)
 Germans, for You! (1930)
 Smash them to Pieces List 9 (1928)
 The Volk Arises and Votes List 9 (1928)

 Work, freedom, Bread! (1930)
 Law, Obligations, Charity (1930)
 Communist Youth Theater (1930)
 Department Store Jews (1930)

 Jews Hide Behind Goddesses of the West (1930)
 Isidor Weiss, the Police Chief of Berlin (1930)
 Hitler Opens Reichstag Campaign, 9 August 1930
 The Swastika of Faith (1930)

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