Nazi Posters

This page contains 23 posters from the very beginnings of National Socialism. Originating as a tiny party, and largely comprising impoverished petty-bourgeois elements in Munich, the Nazis only slowly discovered the importance of posters as vehicles for political propaganda. Limited by financial contraints, the NSDAP had to rely upon inexpensive placards rather than fancy posters. This page contains the first examples of Nazi printed placards and traces the slow emergence of a distinctly Nazi poster art.

The first nine items in this collection are placards, simple printed announcements of rallies and mass meetings. But even here, in a genre adopted by every political and even most non-political organizations, the Nazis showed an innovative and compelling new approach.

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 Placard 24 February 1920
 Placard 11 May 1920
 Placard 31 May 1920
 Placard 27 July 1920

 Placard 13 August 1921
 Placard 9 September 1921
 Placard 21 October 1921
 Upper Silesia (1921)

 Placard 2 February 1922
 Placard 28 September 1922
 A German Evening (1923)
 German Women Protest Against Colored Troops (1923)

 Headlines of Hitler Putsch (1923)
 Workers of the Head and Hand (1924)
 Protect your German Lands(1924)
 Awake and Vote for the Völkischen Block (1924)

 The Accomplishments of the Republic (1924)
 Bavarian Völkisch Block (1924)
 Down with Financial Slavery (1924)
 Destroy this! (1924)

 First Crucify Christ, then make a profit from it! (1924)
 Home to the Reich (1924)
 White Slavery and Zionism! (1924)

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