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This page begins with two examples of German propaganda posters from the last year of the war. Its main focus, however, is the Socialist Revolution unexpectedly ended the German Empire (1871-1918) -- later called the "Second Reich." Beginning as an attempt to end the war and reform the authoritarian constitution which Bismarck had introduced, the country immediately found itself participating in a democratic system with which most had had little or no previous experience. From the start, propaganda posters played an important role in shaping political attitudes, both toward the new Republic and toward the rival political parties which emerged.

This page contains 42 posters from the revolutionary year which saw the creation of what came to be called the Weimar Republic. Beginning with the proclamation of the provision government on 9 November 1918, this page centers on the January 1919 elections for the Constitutional Assembly , and subsequent elections in the various German states (called Länder) as they too made the change-over to democracy. In retrospect, some of the most important symbols and themes of Weimar's subsequent political posters emerged in this one short year.

 Victory is Certain (1918)
 Belgium will be an English Airbase (1918)
 Prince Max's Government (1918)
 Kurt Eisner's Proclaims a Bavarian Soviet Republic 7 November 1918

 Abdication of the Kaiser 9 November 1918
 Chancellor Fritz Ebert Calls for Law and Order 9 November 1918
 Provisional Government of Ebert-Haase (1918)
 The Red Flag--Spartakist Magazine (1918)

 The SPD Calls for Socialism (1918)
 Unite Behind the National Assembly (1919)
 How it is Now, How it Will Be! (1919)
 Dawn of the Social Republic (1919)

 Farmers Help! The Cities are Starving (1919)
 Strikes Destroy (1919)
 Unite against Spartaus. Save Bremen (1919)
 What does Spartakus want? (1919)

 Slogan: Peace through Order (1919)
 We Tolerate no Anarchy (1919)
 Three Words Build the Republic (1919)
 The National Assembly is the Foundation (1919)

 Whoever does not Work (1919)
 Don't Strangle Infant Freedom (1919)
 Remember the War and Vote Socialist (1919)
 Come out of the Darkness, Women! (1919)

 Your Children need Peace. Women Vote!(1919)
 Conservative View of the Political Parties (1919)
 Bavarians, the Reds run Amok!(1919)
 Against Russian Red, Bavarian Blue and White (1919)

 Will you let Spartakist tear down churches! (1919)
 Fight Bolshevism: Bavarians for Order!(1919)
 Bolshevism means Hunger and Death (1919)
 The Anti-Bolshevik League (1919)

 Spartakists at Work. Fight them! (1919)
 People of Europe protect Your Sacred Goods (1919)
 Bolshevism means drowning in Blood (1919)
 The Danger of Bolshevism(1919)

 Anarchy produces Suffering and Destruction (1919)
 Anti-Semitic Characatures (1919)

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