Adelaide Labille-Guiard:
The Painter François-André Vincent

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    • Oil on Canvas 1800
    • 75 x 59 cm
    • Musée du Louvre, Paris

Son of the Genevan miniaturist François Elie Vincent (Labille-Guiard's first teacher), François André Vincent (1746-1816) became the artist's lover and in 1800 her second husband. This picture, one of her rare works of male subjects, was painted in the year of their marriage. It is a subdued and even rather cold portrait, but it catches quite well the spirit of the man.

Vincent was one of the forerunners of neo-classicism. Making an early name for himself with history paintings, he was generally acknowledged as the leader of this new school before the super-talented Jacques-Louis David returned to France and dethroned him.

Vincent never quite recovered his former stature, but abandoning the monumental history paintings which David had made his own, he turned increasingly to genre paintings. An example of which can be viewed by clicking here.

Significantly, Labille-Guiard does nothing to elevate his character. The eye-glasses seem to make him something of a fuddy-duddy, and the fine dress shirt somehow seems out of place. Still, it is a fine testimony to a fellow artist.

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