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Nineteenth Century Art

America's West - Development & History
Bohemian Figures - Henry Murger
GALLICA - 19th c. texts and images from the Bibliotheque Nationale
WebMuseum: Classicism
Color Printing in the 19th Century (U Delaware)
Phrenology and the Fine Arts (Boston College)
Special Collections - The Siege and Commune of Paris - Northwestern U.
Studies in medievalism
Academic Art

Infography - Academic Art of the 19th Century
The Simple Passions of Bouguereau
Jean-Léon Gérôme: FIRST GALLERY
Charles Gleyre: FIRST GALLERY
Lord Leighton: FIRST GALLERY

Art History: Japan and Its Contacts With the West
The Technicolor Mikado Film
The First Impressionist Exhibition
Cafe Guerbois
WebMuseum: Impressionism
WebMuseum: Caillebotte, Gustave
Galerie Degas - OCAIW
WebMuseum: Degas, Edgar
CGFA- Édouard Manet
WebMuseum: Manet, Edouard
Brita's Monet Page
Claude MONET's works - posters and prints
Monet Gallery
Monet in the 20th Century - MFA, Boston
Welcome at Claude MONET's
WebMuseum: Mary Cassatt
NGA - Mary Cassatt - The Color Prints, 1889-1894
Auguste Renoir - The Gallery
CGFA- Pierre-Auguste Renoir
WebMuseum: Seurat, Georges
Irish Impressionists
Prometheus Unplugged Homepage
Romantic Links, Electronic Texts, Home Pages, and Syllabi
Romanticism links
Romanticism On the Net
Romanticism -- Web Museum
Thomas Bewick (1753-1828)
Women of the Romantic Period
Blake Digital TextProject
Blake and Union
Blake Links
The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake - ed. David Erdman
D. Lashmet: Insecto-Theology in Blakes' Thel
Songs of Innocence and Experience
Web Concordance - Blake, Songs of Innocence and of Experience
The William Blake Archive Homepage
William Blake -- Poet and Engraver
Romantic Artists - other
CGFA- John Constable
Dr. Dave's UK Pages: Constable
WebMuseum: Delacroix, Eugène
The Late, Great Works of Delacroix
WebMuseum: Friedrich, Caspar David
Mark Harden's Artchive - "Caspar David Friedrich"
Caspar David Friedrich
The Life and Art of Caspar David Friedrich
TCM's Caspar David Friedrich Gallery
Henry Fuseli - Shakespeare Paintings
WebMuseum: Fuseli, Henry
Theodore Gericault -- Web Museum
WebMuseum: Goya (y Lucientes), Francisco de
John Martin: Works Viewable on the Internet
Meryon, Charles - prints
WebMuseum: Turner, Joseph Mallord William
Hudson River School
Cedar Terrace, Home of Thomas Cole
Hudson River School
Symbolist Art and Artists
Artcyclopedia: Symbolism
ArtMagick: Paintings and Poetry from the Age of Decadence. Symbolism. Pre-Raphaelite, etc.
Decadence 1870-1920 - The turn of the century school of Fantastic Symbolism
Individual Artists
James Ensor
Gustave Moreau: CGFA- Misc. Artists -M-
WebMuseum: Moreau, Gustave
CGFA- Odilon Redon
Gauguin and the School of Pont-Aven
Paul Gauguin and the Russian Avantgarde
Paul Gauguin on the WWW
Paul Gauguin - Page 1 - OCAIW
WebMuseum: Gauguin, (Eugène-Henri-) Paul
CGFA- Gustav Klimt
LAKS-WATCH: Gustav Klimt Museum
Max Klinger
Max Klinger
Max Klinger
Max Klinger
Max Klinger
Max Klinger list of all prints.
Max Klinger: Ein Handschuh (A Glove) 1
Russian Gothic Page - Max Klinger
ArtMagick: Edvard Munch: The Frieze of Life
Biography of Edvard Munch
CGFA- Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch - The Dance of Life Site
Edvard Munch Linkpage
Edvard Munch: The Restless Years -- film, Roland collection
Edvard Munch Water Based Oil Paints
Edvard Munch Web Site
Edvard Munch's Photographs
Edvard Munch’s Scream -- gift items
Edvard Munch: Self-portraits (Boston College)
The house of Edvard Munch in Åsgårdstrand
Mark Harden's texas.net Museum of Art - "Edvard Munch"
Munch and Symbolism:  Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo
Munch, Edvard
Munch, Edvard: Compassion
The Life of Edvard Munch -- Munch-Museet
Munch-museet, Oslo
Nasjonalgalleriet - Norway
Screameria.com -- Edvard Munch inflatables and collectibles
WebMuseum: Munch, Edvard
Individual Artists
Adolphe-William Bouguereau (1825-1905)
CGFA- William-Adolphe Bouguereau
J.S. Copley:   NGA - Watson & the Shark: In-Depth Study
CGFA- Gustave Courbet
Gustave Courbet - OCAIW
WebMuseum: Courbet, Gustave
Darley, Felix Octavius Carr (1821-88): American illustrator
WebMuseum: David, Jacques-Louis
WebMuseum: Eakins, Thomas
Winslow Homer 1836-1910
Winslow Homer at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Winslow Homer: Links to Every Work Viewable on the Internet
Winslow Homer: The Obtuse Bard
J. A. D. Ingres
WebMuseum: Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique
Thomas Moran
John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery
Sargent at Harvard
Schafer - Frederick Ferdinand Schafer Catalog - western painter
The Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec
Meyer Schapiro on Cezanne
Paul Cézanne - Exhibition, Paris
WebMuseum: Cézanne, Paul
Auguste Rodin, a personal view
Rodin Sculptures - Boston College site
Rodin Museum
WebMuseum: Rodin
Van Gogh
artMuseum.net - Van Gogh
Van Gogh Review - Prof. Ron Johnson
Vincent van Gogh at Nuenen, 1883-1885
Vincent van Gogh: A Handshake in Thought
The Vincent van Gogh Gallery
Vincent van Gogh: The Letters - complete letters on line
WebMuseum: Gogh, Vincent van
James McNeill Whistler - The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Whistler Centre
James McNeill Whistler, American Etcher
Victorian Art
The Arts in Victorian Britain
Bibliography on Victorian Historicism: General Studies:
List of artists (mainly Victorian) on bob speel's homepage
Victorian Art: The home page of Bob Speel
Victorian Types, Victorian Shadows - George P. Landow
Victorian Web Overview
VRW Guide to Other Victorian Resources
Women as Subject in Victorian Art -- Representations of Women
CGFA- Frederic, Lord Leighton
Abbey's Boston Murals
Arthur Hughes, Pre-Raphaelite Painter and Book Illustrator
Christina Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddall
Dark Shadows and the Power of the Female
Illustrious Women: In Search of the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood
Links to Pre-Raphaelite web-sites
The Pre-Raphaelite Critic
Pre-Raphaelites - an Introduction
CGFA- William Holman Hunt
The Light of the World (William Holman Hunt)
William Holman Hunt -- George Landow, Brown University
The Works of William Holman Hunt -- George Landow, Brown University
Rossetti and Pre-Raphaelitism
Tristan stained glass images
Pre-Raphaelite Overview Brown University Hypertext
Pre-Raphaelite Passion Welcomes You
Christina Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddall
Pre-Raphaelite Women: Christina Rossetti
Pre-Raphaelite Women: Art-sisters
Christina Rossetti Overview
WebMagick Presents: The Pre-Raphaelite Collection
WebMagick Presents: JW Waterhouse WonderLand
CGFA: John William Waterhouse
Arts and Crafts Movement
Arts & Crafts Bibliography
Arts and Crafts Movement in America: Introduction
The Arts & Crafts Society
Arts and Crafts Movement Review
Founders Of The Arts & Crafts Movement
The Webpage of the Roycrofters
William Morris
Designs of William Morris
William Morris Gallery
William Morris Home Page
Morris & Co.
John Ruskin
John Ruskin (1819-1900)
John Ruskin: An Overview
Ruskin's Aesthetic and Critical Theories
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Art Nouveau

Twentieth Century Art

Various Movements
Modern Masterworks - New web site
Art Minimal & Conceptual Only
Arts_visuels_actuels - contemporary art in Canada
ASU Art Museum - Sig-alert Exhibition - Los Angeles
WebMuseum: Cubism
The Fauves Page
Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance
The International Constructivism Home Page
Leo Steinberg: Selections
Lofoten Art on the Internet -- Scandinavian art
Mark Harden's Artchive: "1925 - The Year in Review"
Modern Hieroglyphs - exhibiton at Davis Museum, Wellesley
Modern Masterworks - comprehensive site on 20th century art
Readings and Surfings: Techno-Cultural Media Resources - Post Modernism
UbuWeb: Visual, Concrete & Sound Poetry
WWW Pop Art: Index
WebMuseum: Expressionnism
Bruecke-Museum Berlin
Expressionism: Its Spiritual and Social Voice
WebMuseum: Fauvism
WebMuseum: The Age of Machinery
DaDa Online - Your source of information on European DaDaism
International Dada Archive Home Page
mital-U: cabaret voltaire, dada zurich, dada mouvement, situationist, punk - wave
Documenta archiv Kassel
Futurism -- Manifestos and Other Resources, including:
The Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe
War, the World's Only Hygiene, and many others
WebMuseum: Futurism
New Deal and WPA
A New Deal for the Arts - National Archives exhibit
New Deal Network
Bibliography: Degenerate Art - Holocaust Era Assets
Degenerate Art
Last Expression - art and the holocaust
Nazi & Soviet Art
Norway 1940-45, Posters
Russian and Soviet Art
AGE Fine Arts -- 20th Century Russian ART of the SOVIET AGE: Hidden Treasures.
Posters from the Former Soviet Union, Cuba and China: The Chairman Smiles
The 1950s
"The American 1950s"
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts Network
Postmodernism and Art History: Haber's Gallery and Museum Reviews
Synaesthesia and "Color Music"
COLOUR MUSIC IN THE NEW AGE: De-mystifying De Clario
The Dream of Color Music, And Machines That Made it Possible
Imagers & Related Instruments
Pioneer Imagists and Lumianists
Synesthesia and Artistic Experimentation
Synesthesia: Phenomenology And Neuropsychology
Baranoff Rossine, Wladimir (1888 1944)
M. K. Ciurlionis - Lithuanian Symbolist
WebMuseum: Cornell, Joseph
Museum / Musee Paul Delvaux
Duchamp: Fresh Widow 3000 / Encounter with Duchamp
Duchamp Large Glass
Duchamp - L.H.O.O.Q. (2)
Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp World Community
Multimedia, TOUT-FAIT: The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal
Through the Large Glass
Théodore Gégoux (1850-1931), American artist
"Alberto Giacometti and the Surrealists" - M. Harden
Jenny Holzer's Truisms at AdaWeb
CGFA- Edward Hopper
James Chapin - American Artist, mid-20th c.
John Heartfield
WebMuseum: Kandinsky, Wassily
Kandinsky: Compositions
The life of Wassily Kandinsky
WebMuseum: Klee, Paul
Käthe Kollwitz Museum, Cologne
Roy Lichtenstein on the WWW
Rene Magritte - Belgian Home Page
Rene Magritte: A Gallery of the Surreal
CGFA- René Magritte
WebMuseum: Malevich, Kasimir
Man Ray 1890-1976
Man Ray by Man Ray Trust
WebMuseum: Matisse, Henri
WebMuseum: Matisse, Henri (-Émile-Benoît)
Piet Mondrian: The Transatlantic Paintings
Stichting Mondriaanhuis
Georgia O'Keeffe
Picasso: The Early Years, 1892-1906 - MFA, Boston
Picasso - Museo Picasso Virtual - Dr. Enrique Mallen
WebMuseum: Pollock, Jackson
Diego Rivera Web Museum
WebMuseum: Schiele, Egon
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
How Sandy Skoglund Creates Art - ArtsEdNet
WebMuseum: Tanguy, Yves
Masami Teraoka's Art Theatre
Joost van Santen Light Art in Architecture
Yoko Ono
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Contemporary Religious Artists

Full page of links -- click here

Other links on Art and Religion

Artist's Personal Pages

1st Encounters Digital Art by Duncan Long
"Alvin Tapia -- Studio Gallery"
Amy's Art: Front Page
Ann Kendall
Arborsmith Studios
Art Exhibition Online, 'Signed and Sealed', Hong Kong, a portfolio. by Pat Elliott Shircore
Art Quilts by Cozy Bendesky, Textile Artist  -  the Cozy homepage of Textile Art
Art Studio Grigory Dembowski
Beri's Dinosaur World
Brant Kingman, contemporary artist, painter, and sculptor
David Aronson
Dorothy Frankel - Sculptor
Fine Art and Sculpture of Richard Beau Lieu from Beau Lieu Sculpture Studios in Florida
hakart, industrial design, art, ... Janusz, Haka
Hygiene Apparatus - jukka kostet, Finland
Igor Ulanovsky -- J-Art
Kinetic Sculpture, Fine Art of Tom Brewitz
The Realm of Art Gallery by Robert Toth
Outlaws and Shady Ladies. -- Robert Benedict's Wild West
Tomaso Marcolla - Italian Artist
Art of Salvatore Ventura - artist Salvatore Ventura and his architectural paintings.
The Virtual Art Gallery of Bradford Pratt, Raku, Ceramics, Pottery, Multimedia, Sculpture
YANG Ming - Painting and Chinese Calligraphy


Surrealist links -- separate list
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