"A pre-Columbus Dances with Wolves..."

     Boston Phoenix (10/14/94)

"'Kilian's Chronicle' is a beautifully shot tale of a confrontation between a European man and a New England Indian tribe. It has a twist that makes it a true original -- it's set 500 years before Columbus reached the New World. ... The performances are on the mark, with [Christopher] Johnson an appealing hero and [Eva] Kim a comely presence... Robert McDonough is a suitably frightening adversary as the Viking who vows that Kilian will be recaptured... Tech credits are nearly flawless."

     Variety (10/10-16/94)

"...A sweetly well-meaning family film..."

     New York Times 10/6/95)

"...Agreeably lyrical and unpretentious.... The film's aimed more at family audiences than art-house mavens, and its romantic, folkloric air has an appealing lack of forced sophistication."

     New York Press (10/10/95)

"A film that could be termed ground-breaking.... Gentle interaction is at the heart of this film.... I recommend it. The two lead male actors are just wonderful!"

     Dixie Whatley, WCVB-TV (11/2/94)

"Adventure and romance in the New World... " The film is "...appealing... eye-opening... winning,... beautiful." It deals with "... culture clash and the struggle against intolerance."

     The Boston Globe (10/5/94)

A "...beautifully rendered 'Kilian's Chronicle' entertains and informs.... An intriguing adventure.... Berger has the great ability to create memorable characters just through dialogue.... There are some exciting action sequences.... But interest in the film is generated mainly through relationships, and ... in the intellectual ideas Berger puts forth.... " The "...gentle rhythm ... is enhanced by R. Carlos Nakai's transcendent flute solos. ...The locations have been used to great advantage by director of photography John Hoover, who has shot them in loving closeups to underscore the importance of the land to these people.... Without being preachy or sacchrine 'Kilian's Chronicle' demonstrates movingly how once upon a time men shared the land they inherited and taught one another their life's lesson. It's a film the whole family can learn from and enjoy. "

     The Patriot Ledger (10/5/94)

"Killian's Chronicle" "... tells the saga of Indians with great beauty. ... [It] is expertly paced and entertaining throughout.... It never drags. And while it has points to push - all cultures are valuable, we can learn from each other, the land must be respected - few viewers will feel they are being sold a bill of goods.... The performances, particularly Christopher Johnson as the slave Kilian, are exceptional... And the score, made up of ... Celtic tunes and other songs based on Viking and Native American music, effectively summons the proper moods. Overall this film is a winner... thoughtful and warm..."

     The Day (12/16/94)

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