Selected Monuments on Beacon Hill and in the Back Bay.
Jeffery Howe, Boston College


1. Park Street Church, Park Street Federalist (Neoclassical) Peter Banner, 1809
2. State House, Beacon Hill Federalist (Neoclassical) Charles Bulfinch, 1795-98
Rear ext.: Ch. E. Brigham, 1889-95. Wings: Wm. Chapman, R. C. Sturgis,
& Robt. D. Andrews, 1914-17
3. Robert Gould Shaw Memorial, Boston Common, opposite State House. 
        Base: Classical Revival.  Sculpture by A. Saint-Gaudens
Base by McKim, Mead & White
4. House, 57 Mount Vernon St. Federalist (Neoclassical)
Charles Bulfinch, before 1807
(nos. 51, 53, 55 also by Bulfinch)
5. 2nd Harrison Gray Otis House Federalist (Neoclassical)
85 Mount Vernon Street. Charles Bulfinch, 1800
6. Louisburg Square, Mount Vernon St. Greek Revival
S.P. Fuller, builder. Planned 1826; built 1834-37
7. Chapel of St. Margaret's Convent, Gothic Revival
Louisburg Square. Henry Vaughan, 1882
13. The Public Garden, c. 1860 Inspired by French IInd Empire
14. First Church of Boston High Victorian Gothic
64 Marlborough St. Wm. Ware & H. Van Brunt, 1865. Fire 1968; P. Rudolph,1972
15. First Lutheran Church in Boston International Style
299 Berkeley St. Pietro Belluschi, 1957
16. B.W. Crowninshield House High Victorian Gothic
164 Marlborough St. H.H. Richardson,1870
17. Hollis H. Hunnewell house Victorian
315 Dartmouth St. Sturgis & Brigham,1869
18. Ames-Webster House, 306 Dartmouth "Queen Anne"
Peabody & Stearns, 1872; remodelled 1882 by Sturgis & Brigham; added tower,
conservatory, porte-cochere; murals by Benjamin Constant in stairwell
19. Brattle Square Church (First Baptist) Richardsonian Romanesque
Commonwealth Avenue. H.H. Richardson, 1870; sculpture by F.A. Bartholdi
20. Commonwealth Avenue, 1850ff. Inspired by new French
200' wide boulevards (IInd Empire)
21. Hotel Vendome, Commonwealth Avenue French Renaissance
Wm. G. Preston, 1875; reconstr. by Stahl/Bennett, 1971-75
22. Boston Art Club, Dartmouth St. "Queen Anne"
William Ralph Emerson, 1881
23. Exeter Theater (originally Romanesque Revival
Spritualist Temple), Exeter St. Hartwell & Richardson, 1884


24. New Old South Church, Boylston St. High Victorian Gothic
Cummings and Sears, 1974
25. Trinity Church, Copley Square Richardsonian Romanesque
H.H. Richardson, 1872-77; porch by Shepley, Coolidge & Rutan, 1897; altar
& chancel by Ch. D. Maginnis. 1938
26. Boston Public Library, Copley Square Classical Revival, or McKim, Mead & White, 1888-95; extension Beaux-Arts Classicism by Ph. Johnson, 1972
27. Copley Plaza Hotel, Copley Square Classical Revival
H. J. Hardenburgh & C.H. Blackall, 1912
28. John Hancock Tower, John Hancock Place International Style
I.M. Pei & Henry Cobb, 1973
29. Copley Square Plaza. International Style
Sasaki & Assoc., 1972
30. Copley Place, Copley Square Late Modernism
The Architect's Collaborative (TAC),1984

Additional Buildings of Note:


31. 1st Harrison Gray Otis House, Federalist (Neoclassical)
141 Cambridge St. Ch. Bulfinch, 1795-96 SPNEA Hdqtrs
32. Old West Church, Cambridge & Lynde St. Federalist (Neoclassical)
Asher Benjamin, 1806
33. Bulfinch Pavilion, Massachusetts Federalist (Neoclassical)
General Hospital, C. Bulfinch, 1816-17
34.House, 43 South Russel St. Federalist (Neoclassical)
Anon., 1797; oldest house on the Hill
35. House, 57 Hancock St. Egyptian Revival Columns
Anon., mid 19th c.
36. St. John the Evangelist, 35 Bowdoin St. Gothic Revival
Solomon Willard (?), 1831
37. House, 24 Pinckney St.
Wm. Ralph Emerson, c. 1885; remodelled 1802 stables; no two windows same size
38. Boston Athenaeum, 10 1/2 Beacon St. Renaissance Revival
Edward Cabot & George Dexter, 1847-49 (Arcade derived from Palladio's
Palazzo da Porta Festa, Vicenza, 16th c.)
39. Church of the Advent, Brimmer & Mt. Richardsonian Romanesque
Vernon Streets. J. Sturgis & Brigham; finished by R. Clipston Sturgis, 1876


40. House, 199 Commonwealth Avenue Classical Revival
McKim, Mead & White
41. Algonquin Club, 219 Commonwealth Ave. Classical Revival
McKim, Mead & White, 1887
42. House, 297 Commonwealth Avenue Classical Revival
Peabody & Stearns, 1899
43. House, 303 Commonwealth Avenue Classical Revival
Peabody & Stearns, 1899
44. Burrage House (Boston Evening Clinic) French Renaissance
314 Commonwealth Avenue. Charles Brigham, 1899
45. Andrew House, 32 Hereford St. Classical Revival/Survival McKim, Mead &
White, 1883-84
46. House, 413-415 Commonwealth Avenue Classical Revival
McKim, Mead & White, 1890 (double house)
47. Ayer House (Bayridge Res. for Women) Art Nouveau
A.J. Manning & L.C. Tiffany, 1899-1900
48. Fire Station, Boylston & Hereford Sts. Romanesque Revival
Arthur Vinal, 1884; remodelled 1972


49. Trinity Church Rectory, 233 Clarendon Richardsonian Romanesque
H.H. Richardson, 1879; 3rd story 1893
50. Museum of Natural History (now commercial store) Classical Revival
Wm. G. Preston, 1863
51. Central Congregational Church (now Gothic Revival
Ch. of the Covenant), Clarendon & Newbury
Richard M. Upjohn (son), 1866