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 Channel 46 Programming Schedule:

The following movies will be shown on Channel 46 during the month of April.
Feature Films:
    There are no Feature Films for the month of April.
Channel 46 Produced Programming:
    Boise Center

Summary of Media:

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BC Film Channel 46 Monthly Schedule:

Weeks of March 27 - April 10
12:00 pm West End House 7:00 pm C-21: In Dialogue
12:30 pm Relay for Life 7:30 pm BC Perspectives
1:00 pm Big Brother, Big Sister 8:00 pm Big Brother, Big Sister
1:30 pm BC Perspectives 8:30 pm Boise Center
2:00 pm Boise Center 9:00 pm C-21: In Dialogue
2:30 pm C-21: In Dialogue 9:30 pm West End House
3:00 pm West End House 10:00 pm C-21: In Dialogue
3:30 pm Relay for Life 10:30 pm Boise Center
4:00 pm Big Brother, Big Sister 11:00 pm BC Perspectives
4:30 pm BC Perspectives 11:30 pm C-21: In Dialogue
5:00 pm Boise Center 12:00 am Relay for Life
5:30 pm C-21: In Dialogue 12:30 am Big Brother, Big Sister
6:00 pm West End House 1:00 am C-21: In Dialogue
6:30 pm Relay for Life    

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