Odysseus to Ulysses

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an imagined colloquy

The scholar...

Dr. Johnson. "We have been too early acquainted with the poetical heroes to expect any pleasure from their revival; to show them as they already have been shown, is to disgust by repetition; to give them new qualities or new adventures, is to offend by violating received notions."

The poet...

Mr. Leigh Hunt repeating a comment by Keats. "Talking with a friend about Dante he observed that whenever so great a poet told us anything in addition or continuation of an ancient story, he had a right to be regarded as a classical authority. For instance, said he, when he [Dante] tells us of that characteristic death of Ulysses in one of the books of the Inferno, we ought to receive the information as authentic, and be glad that we have more news of Ulysses than we looked for."

The artists...

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Tennyson, Ulysses
Graves, Ulysses
Cavafy, Ithaka
Dante, Inferno xxvi

Apollonio, Adventures of Ulysses (1435)