The Basement
Developers Credit Page

     Professor Duket  - Chief administrator of Humanities House. Director of content, program creator, the buck stops there.

     Brian Hilley - Student assistant, fall 2005 - . Ben's successor. Currently working on a makeover of Humanities House, the Aeneid image database (WebCT), faculty troubleshooting, film presentation, site maintenance, and media acquisition.

     Ben Gritz - Student assistant, fall 2002 - spring 2005. Assembled image collections, music compilations, managed hardware, faculty troubleshooter, principal web designer. Major projects inlcude: Sophomore Syllabi, Blake and Pensky Dante database (WebCT), Web Design Help, Music Archive (WebCT), scanned documents collection (WebCT), Ithaca (assisted, WebCT), Ilium (began, moved to WebCT), Run of the Charles (assisted), Film Collection, various faculty initiatives, routine Humanities House maintenance, vainly struggled against the site's file structure.

     John Wilson - Assisted with the multimedia library resource education project Ithaca (WebCT) with Professor Duket and Ben Gritz, fall 2004.

     We are also deeply grateful to Christine Cordek and Mindy Holmes, who worked on Humanities House prior to 2002.


More will follow.