Steering Committee


Colleen Olphert
Carroll School of Management (Center for Corporate Citizenship)

Chris Polt
Classical Studeis

Vice Chair

Brandon Huggon
Student Services, Connell School of Nursing

Chris Mayo
Library Services

AD HOC Members

Josiah Gonzales
Human Resources

Gregory Jones
Office of Residential Life (Housing Operations)

Andrew Klopstein
Office of Residential Life

Nicholas Paschvoss
Career Center

Allison Reilly
Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment


Interested in joining the Steering Committee?

Shape the future of LGBT@BC by serving on the Steering Committee. As members step down at the end of their term in May, the door opens for new Steering Committee members to step up. It is the function of the Steering Committee to call and facilitate meetings and communication among the membership and to help organize the programming and planning functions of the LGBT@BC. For more information contact a current Steering Committee member.