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Each CSON student will be told which semester of their junior year it will be possible for them to study abroad (should they wish to and should they meet program requirements) by the Undergraduate Associate Dean in the spring of freshman year.

Yes! Although CSON does not have a language requirement, many of the study abroad programs do have foreign language pre-requisites. CSON students should take the appropriate language courses in order to be eligible for their programs of interest. For students who do not have foreign language skills, there are several BC partnerships in non-English speaking countries that offer excellent courses in English.

Although most nursing students take University Core and elective courses abroad, some seek opportunities to learn more about health-related topics or build language proficiency. For example:

  • At the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador, students may enroll in a community health course developed for and offered specifically to BC nursing students.
  • The National University of Ireland at Galway offers courses that have been approved as electives for the BC nursing program.

If possible, most University Core courses should be completed before studying abroad.

Given the limited number of electives in the nursing curriculum, many students do get approval for core courses while they are abroad.

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