Board of Regents' Advisory Committee on Global Engagement

The Boston College Board of Regents provides counsel and support to the president and the Board of Trustees on strategic priorities and matters essential to the future of the University. In the area of global engagement and impact, this Committee will assist Boston College by developing recommendations to 1) promote outreach and strengthen ties of Boston College alumni and parents living in international locations among themselves and with BC itself; 2) increase awareness of Boston College and its undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs among potential students around the world; and 3) suggest ways in which Boston College, especially its students, faculty and staff, could help resolve pressing problems in such areas as education, health, and energy around the globe through volunteer service, partnerships, and exchange programs.

BC Global Engagement Committee

BC’s 10-year Strategic Plan, released in the fall of 2017, commits to building on the University’s current international engagement by incorporating greater attention to global issues. At the center of this initiative is the Global Engagement (GE) Committee, charged by University President William P. Leahy, SJ, to assess the scope of BC’s current international activities, identify the best avenues for growth, and determine the resources and structures necessary to fulfill these opportunities. 

BC Global Engagement Committee Agenda

In order to achieve the goals outlined by Fr. Leahy’s charge, the GE Committee meets six times between October 2017 and October 2018.

The Charge

Fr. Leahy, SJ, outlined the content to the GE Committee at its first meeting in October 2017. The Charge describes the purpose of the committee and its role and responsibilities within the wider framework of Boston College’s mission and 10-year Strategic Plan.

American Council on Education (ACE) – Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGE)

To accompany the work of the GE Committee, BC has engaged the director of ACE – CIGE, Dr. Robin Matross Helms, as an external consultant. ACE – CIGE provides valuable insights on the process of internationalization, plus critical data on global engagement strategies and achievements of a wide range of US universities.

Based on ACE – CIGE’s “Model for Comprehensive Internationalization,” these six dimensions help structure our understanding of a well-balanced, multifaceted endeavor. Global engagement does not only involve research, study, and service activities overseas, but also a transformational effort of the whole university community “at home.”