The New Dad Research Series

Expanded Paid Parental Leave: Measuring the Impact of Leave on Work & Family (2019)

This report compares the leave experiences and attitudes of over 1,200 new mothers and fathers, who were eligible for at least 6 weeks of gender-neutral, paid parental leave. It assesses employees' use of leave and explores how taking leave impacts caregiving, career progression, and the ability to combine work and family successfully. 


The New Dad: The Career- Caregiving Conflict (2017) 

Our latest fatherhood report explores the conflict faced by fathers as they strive to meet their personal and professional goals. 


The New Dad: Take Your Leave (2014) 

The study explores diferent perspectives on paternity leave, including a survey of more than 1,000 fathers; a benchmarking study of paternity leave policies at leading organizations; and a review of global paternity leave policies and practices. Sponsored by EY. 

Executive Sumary 

The New Dad: A Work (and Life) in Progress (2013)

This report summarizes the findings from the three Fatherhood studies. The definition of what it means to be a good dad has shifted from the traditional breadwinning, disciplinarian role to one that emphasizes love, support, guiding, and being present.

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The New Dad: Right at Home (2012)

The center’s third report on fathers observed the impact of shifting gender roles through in-depth interviews with 31 at-home dads and surveys with 23 of their spouses.


The New Dad: A Portrait of Today's Father (2015)

Perhaps the most troubling problem is that fathers’ voices have often been absent from, or perhaps even seen as irrelevant to, work-family conversations. In an effort to address this, we began our journey with a relatively smallsample, qualitative study of fathers of very young children to better understand their experiences. We coined the title “The New Dad” for what became our research series and have published a report each year exploring differing perspective of the role dads play today at work and in the home.

Report Highlights  

The New Dad: Exploring Fatherhood within a Career Context (2010)

This report was based on qualitative interview with 33 new fathers who had children under the age of one. It explores how these recent fathers were adjusting to their increased family responsibilities and how this impacted their view of their careers and their responsibilities on the home front.


The New Dad: Caring Committed and Conflicted (2011)

This quantitative study provides a deeper understanding of the struggles fathers face
as they embrace their roles as breadwinner and caregiver. 


The New Millennial Dad: Understanding The Paradox of Today's Fathers (2016) 

Our 2016 report on "The New Dad" reviewed survey responses from Millennial fathers. The report further explores the trend of involved fatherhood and the challenges experienced by today's dads as they strive to manage their work and personal lives. 

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