Advanced Clinical Practice for Adults

Post-Graduate Certificate in Advanced Clinical Practice for Adults

For the experienced clinician, the Certificate in Advanced Clinical Practice for Adults provides a deep exploration of the cutting-edge theoretical perspectives of attachment, trauma informed care, and neuroscience, as they relate to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of adults. In addition, participants select three electives in evidence-based treatment modalities for adults, and two electives in treatment focuses for adults, to gain advanced knowledge and deepen their practice in their particular area of expertise.

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Each course is 6 hours in length, offered in one 6-hour or two 3-hour sessions, and offers 6 CEUs for students who complete the entire course. Qualified students may complete the courses in any order they choose, and may take any course(s) without committing to completing the certificate.

To receive the certificate, students must complete the 3 required courses and 5 electives within 3 years.

At a Glance


six-hour courses


CEUs total

Theoretical Perspectives

1. Attachment (Course No. CORE-1)

2. Trauma Informed Care (Course No. CORE-2)

3. Neuroscience (Course No. CORE-3)

Adult Treatment Modalities (choose 3)

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TM1)

2. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TM2)

3. Motivational Interviewing for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TM3)

4. Narrative Therapy for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TM4)

5. Psychodynamic Therapy for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TM5)

6. Solution Focused Therapy for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TM6)


Adult Treatment Focuses (choose 2)

1. Sexuality and Gender for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TF1)

2. Substance Abuse for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TF2)

3. Suicide Prevention for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TF3)

4. Trauma and Interpersonal Violence for Adults (Course No. ADULT-TF4)

5. Issues Facing Older Adults (Course No. ADULT-TF5)

Spring 2018 Course Descriptions


General Information

To receive a certificate, students must complete the three core courses and five electives (three Treatment Modality courses and two Treatment Focus courses), for a total of eight courses. Each certificate program offers 14 course options. The core courses are the same for both certificate programs. A student who completes the core courses for one certificate program need not retake them to complete the other certificate program.

Each core course will be offered at least once per year. In addition, several Treatment Modalities and Treatment Focuses electives for each certificate program will be offered each semester. Students may take up to 3 years to complete the certificate.

Evening courses are from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.; full-day courses (Fridays and Saturdays) will run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with an hour lunch break​ from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.​ These workshops are approved for CEUs in New England.

Registration & Payment Policy

Online registration is required to participate in a course. Tuition for each certificate course is $125 to be paid by debit or credit card. Registrations will be processed upon receipt of payment. Payment is due in full in order to enroll. All sales are final; no refunds.​ Course registration will close at midnight two business days prior to the start date of each course.

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