Tuition & Registration

SUMMER 2018  

$836 per credit for Undergraduate courses (Grad students should refer to the Woods College webpages for their degree program). Most courses offered during the summer session are 3 credits.

Science courses requring a 1-credit lab will incur an additional 1 credit in tuition plus a lab fee of $355 (Physics) or $350 (Biology and Chemistry). Fee covers cost of laboratory materials. 

2018 Course Audit Fee is $1254 for Undergraduate courses. (Note - Information Technology courses are not open to auditors.)

The registration fee is $45.

Boston College reserves the right to change or withdraw offerings if necessary and alter fees and charges from those published, without prior notice.


All fees and tuition charges are due and payable in full at the time of registration.

Payment may be made by e-check or credit cardNew students will be activated in the BC system within 24 hours of registration, and may then pay via e-check or credit card through the BC Agora portal. Continuing Woods College students may pay through the Agora portal as soon as they have registered for summer courses. Students are responsible for the tuition for all courses for which they have registered.

Housing fees are to be mailed directly to Residential Life.

All charges will be posted to your student account and can be viewed and paid through the Agora portal.


Students are responsible for the tuition for all courses for which they have registered.

Students wishing to withdraw from a summer course must complete an official withdrawal form in the Summer Session Office in St. Mary’s Hall South, or send a written notification of withdrawal to the Summer Session Office. All course withdrawals must be submitted to the Summer Session Office prior to the final scheduled class meeting.

If a student drops a course in the Summer Session Office, before the 2nd class meeting of the course, no record is maintained; for students withdrawing after this, a grade of W is recorded on the student’s transcript and no academic credit is granted. 

Students dropping a course before the second class meeting will receive a 100% refund of tuition. Tuition and laboratory fees are refundable; the registration fee is non-refundable.

There are no refunds for students withdrawing from a course after the second class meeting of that course.