Architectural rendering: Sasaki


BC Basketball Gets a New Facility 

The Hoag Basketball Pavilion will help position the teams for success.

Construction planning has begun for the Hoag Basketball Pavilion, a state-of-the-art, 40,000-square-foot practice facility that will be connected to Conte Forum. “It is critical to not only provide the men’s and women’s basketball teams with the appropriate facilities that they need to compete at the highest level,” said outgoing William V. Campbell Director of Athletics Pat Kraft, “but also to provide them with health-and-wellness space.”

The Hoag Basketball Pavilion was made possible by a $15 million lead gift, the largest in BC athletics history, from University Trustee Michaela “Mikey” Hoag ’86 and her husband, Jay Hoag. The Hoags said it was important to them to support both basketball programs and “help position them for success for years to come.” Here’s a look at some of the facility’s amenities.

Practice space—The crown jewel of the Hoag Basketball Pavilion will be the 10,700-square-foot practice gym. BC basketball players will have access to six courts, including an exact replica of the competition court at Conte Forum.

Sports medicine center—This 1,400-square-foot center will house aqua therapy equipment such as underwater treadmills and plunge pools, which can aid in injury rehabilitation and provide a low-impact way to enhance athletic performance. Sports medicine is advancing rapidly, Kraft said, and providing athletes with modern technology was a priority while planning the facility.

Nutrition center—Like other athlete-only dining spaces at Conte Forum, the Hoag Basketball Pavilion’s 1,400-square-foot nutrition center will accommodate sports schedules and feed the basketball players when the dining halls might not be open, such as before early morning practices.

Study and relaxation areas—To cater to the whole athlete, the facility will also include 2,100-square-foot locker rooms with attached private lounges. A dedicated video room adjacent to the practice gym will give coaches and athletes space for instructions and scouting. 

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