Business & Leadership Institute

Program Description

Through workshops, consultation with experts and project-based learning, this course seeks to develop an understanding of the business and leadership components that participants will study and utilize in their college and early professional careers

The Business and Leadership Institute (BLI) operates in a collaborative classroom environment; instead of traditional classroom lectures, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of business and leadership through activities such as:

  • case study analysis
  • video analysis
  • workshops
  • small group discussion
  • expert speakers

The BLI will culminate with the creation of a group business plan; storyboarding of the “big idea”; and presentation of their start-up concept for a panel of Boston College faculty experts to critique and provide guidance.

Please note: this course does not focus on any specific business functional area but instead provides a broad overview of the concept of business and leadership and is geared towards students interested in pursuing business majors and/or leadership in organizational settings of all kinds.

Courses run Monday - Thursday with meeting periods in the morning the afternoon. Class times and course syllabus coming in the spring. 

Course Number and Name: ADBM 09000 Business and Leadership Institute

Faculty:  Dr. William Boozang, Dr. Ifa Khan and Dr. Dawn Mackiewicz


Program Dates for 2020:
June 22 - July 9, 2020

Students entering grades 10, 11 & 12

Application Deadlines for 2020:

  • January 15
  • February 15
  • March 15
  • April 15

Students participating in an activity for the Business & Leadership Institute program

A Day in the Life...

8:00 am - Breakfast

AM Class

12:00 pm - Lunch and social time

PM Class

5:00 pm - Dinner

9:00 pm - Social Event in the dormitory