Dean's Message

David Goodman, Ph.D.

David Goodman, Ph.D.

Dear Students,

Dorothy Day was inspired by the idea that we are to create the “kind of society where it is easier for people to be good.” This is no small task. It demands transformation at all levels: from individual minds and hearts all the way to the grand systems and structures that we inhabit. In this day and age, education is often related to as a consumer product with little bearing on our sense of ethical responsibility to the world and its workings. One of the fundamental distinctives of a Boston College education is its investment in the sensibility that so inspired Dorothy Day. Education is meant to call us to be more. Not for the sake of self-aggrandizement, greater securities, climbing a ladder, and so forth. But rather, for the purpose of transforming present realities and re-shaping society so that human dignity, love, justice, and peace have a greater chance of prevailing. Education, with this frame, becomes a rigorous journey to learn skills that promote hospitality, challenge our fixed notions so that we can see more complexly and truthfully, expand our hearts to listen and attune more carefully, and enrich our creative potential in order to employ new means of responding to the pressing issues of our day. This is what is meant by Boston College’s motto, Ever to Excel.

At Boston College’s Woods College of Advancing Studies, we count it a privilege and honor to be entrusted with this sacred moment of our students’ lives. A moment when students are seeking deeper formation and a more fully informed imagination. In our school, education does not discriminate between the various domains of a person. It addresses the intellectual, religious, ethical, and character development of each and every one of us. This is true across all of the Woods College programs from our undergraduate psychology major to our Master of Science in Cybersecurity Policy and Governance. Our faculty and staff are tremendously dedicated to this picture and go above and beyond to ensure that students receive the attention and quality engagement that facilitates these very things. It is through this educational mission, drawing deeply from the wells of the Catholic and Jesuit traditions, that we can begin to form individuals who will become leaders and champions of a society which engenders goodness.

We recognize that the majority of students attending the Woods College of Advancing Studies do so with great personal sacrifice, many managing a variety of work and family responsibilities and carving out this space on top of and beyond their other roles and obligations. Therefore, it has been the unique mission of the school, since its inception and most certainly under the 44 year deanship of Fr. James A. Woods, S. J., to create a Boston College educational experience that is flexible, applied, and innovative and that provides the means for our students to achieve their educational goals amidst many other demands upon their time. We strive for all of this while remaining fully dedicated to the vision of personal and social formation described above.

We welcome you to Boston College’s Woods College of Advancing Studies community and we fundamentally believe that as you become more, this world will become an easier place for good to be done. We count it an honor to travel with you in this exciting educational journey.

David M. Goodman, Ph.D.
Interim Dean
Woods College of Advancing Studies
Boston College