STM Webinar Zoom Help

Our webinars are live-streamed using the Zoom platform.  If you have Zoom installed AND a Zoom account you are ready to participate in our webinars.

If you have Zoom installed, but do not have a Zoom account, you may have been able to join Zoom meetings in the past. However, due to Boston College's security settings which prevent hacking and interruption, you will not be able to access the STM Continuing Education webinars.  You can follow the instructions in the video below to set up your free Zoom account.

In preparation for a webinar we will email you the link you will need to access it.  If you do not have Zoom installed on your device, the link will automatically trigger the installation process, and so under ordinary circumstances this will be sufficient to set you up for the webinar.  However, if you are using an older computer, or have any other concerns that the technology might not work, we recommend that you install Zoom and set up your account early to make sure everything is working.  The video below demonstrates the process for setting up your account and installing Zoom on a computer.

Signing Up For Zoom_Moment

Using Closed Captions in a Zoom Webinar

Some of our webinars include live closed captioning service.  In order to access the captions you can find the button near the bottom of the Zoom window.  The video below demonstrates how to use the captions and some of the available options.

Using Closed Captions in Zoom_Moment