Special Instructions for Religious Applicants

Information for Jesuit Applicants

All of the STM's admission procedures and requirements apply to our Jesuit applicants.  Additionally, international Jesuits are encouraged to contact the Assistant Director of Admissions, at least five months prior to their planned enrollment to discuss their plans, academic background, and language skills.

Jesuits requiring financial assistance should be in touch with the STM by February 1st so that names may be submitted to the U.S. Jesuit Conference.  After this initial contact, the Scholastic's Provincial should write a letter to the Rector of the Faber Jesuit Community. The letter should indicate an intent to mission the student to STM, request housing, and indicate if financial funding is needed. Funding for Jesuits from developing countries is approved by the U.S. Jesuit Conference in Washington D.C., and the request is made by the Rector of the Faber Jesuit Community.  All Jesuit Scholastic applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Non-Jesuit Religious Applicants

Religious applicants who are not Jesuits, must also follow all of the STM's admission procedures and requirements.  Religious requiring scholarship and parish/convent housing assistance, should apply by February 1, 2020 for the Fall 2020 semester.  All Religious applicants are reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  If admitted, the Admissions Office will provide documents that must be completed so that Boston College can process all visa documentation for our incoming international students.

Permission of Superior

All diocesan priests and members of religious orders must submit a letter of approval and financial support from their bishop or major superior. The letter must indicate complete knowledge and support for your studies indicating degree and semester of initial enrollment. The letter must be on official letterhead and signed by your superior or bishop and contain their contact information. The letter can be addressed to the Associate Dean. Major Superior Letter Cover Form