Scholarships & Assistantships

By completing and submitting your STM application, you are automatically considered for any scholarships or fellowships for which you may be eligible.  There is not a separate application to be considered for scholarship aid.

Both the BC Office of Graduate Student Life and the BC Office of Student Services maintain listings of potential assistantships and work-study positions open to all Boston College graduate students.

STM Scholarships

Tuition scholarships and a limited number of dean's fellowships are offered each year. These awards are based on considerations of academic achievement, potential for ministry, demonstrated leadership, and financial need. They are awarded at the time of admission and are usually renewable at the same level in years following the student’s initial award year, assuming the student’s need and academic standing do not change markedly.

For students who have served in a Catholic Volunteer Network member program, STM is committed to providing scholarship funds to cover at least 75% of tuition costs for an STM program.  

STM Assistantships

The STM has over 20 graduate and research assistantship positions available, with offerings expanding nearly every year. In addition to the financial benefits of these positions, our students and alumni often report on the professional and ministerial skills gained from their time as graduate assistants. The majority of these positions last for one year and are reserved to support entering, first-year students. Our GAs coordinate events, welcome visitors, engage with social media, facilitate outreach, and develop other skills. RA candidates are identified during the admissions process as demonstrating both outstanding prior academic achievement and future potential, and work directly with faculty members, usually supporting a specific academic project.

The application process for these positions begins during the admissions process.  If you are interested in being considered for the positions we have available, make sure to indicate that on your application form (there is a question that asks about assistantships).

STM Externships

STM externships offer students administrative experience in positions throughout the Archdiocese of Boston, in parishes, schools, and other service offices. Both new and returning students are welcome to apply for these positions. A specific application for the externship program is made available (emailed to all eligible students) each spring for the following academic year.

Boston College Positions

Beyond the STM, there are many positions offered throughout the Boston College campus. Because they are open to all graduate students (both new and returning at all of BC’s graduate and professional schools), the hiring process for these positions is very competitive, and these positions can be particularly difficult for entering students to secure. In the past, our students have been especially successful at acquiring GA positions on main campus in their second or third years of study — after having had the opportunity to establish themselves at BC. We recommend our students spend the first year getting involved on campus, building a network, and discerning their interests, while potentially working in a position at STM or volunteering in Campus Ministry as a service trip mentor or retreat facilitator.

Examples of Positions

In past years, STM students have worked in graduate assistantships in offices including:

STM Service Center

STM Admissions Office

STM Continuing Education

Campus Ministry

Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies

BC Advancement Office

Volunteer and Service Learning Center

Roche Center for Catholic Education

Church in the 21st Century Center

BC President's Office

BC Information Technology Services

Center for Teaching Excellence

Center for Student Formation

Women’s Center

Questions about Financial Aid?

Prospective students are encouraged to contact Donna DeRosa, STM assistant director for financial aid,
for questions regarding funding ( or 617-552-6506).