Funding Your Studies

Funding for Formation

STM recognizes the financial challenges faced by those looking to pursue careers in ministry or theological scholarship. We are deeply committed to assisting academically qualified students afford an excellent graduate education. Each year, generous funding is provided to new students through several types of financial assistance, supporting those candidates who have the strongest academic credentials, ministerial commitment, and greatest financial need.

  • For lay students who have served in a Catholic Volunteer Network member program, STM is committed to providing scholarship funds to cover at least 75% of tuition costs for an STM degree program.

  • STM offers financial support to all degree students interested in attending retreats and participating in spiritual direction.

  • STM degree students wishing to attend academic conferences can also apply for funding from the STM Student Forum, the STM Dean’s Fund, and the BC Office of Graduate Student Life to help cover costs.



lay students receive scholarship aid

Cost of Attendance

For 2019-2020 the tuition cost per credit at STM is $1,150.

How much will it cost?

To help you budget the cost of your graduate program, we've provided this breakdown of expenses. These are only estimates. Additionally, the Office of Student Services has resources to help you calculate an approximate cost of attendance, which includes both tuition and living expenses.

Expense Estimated Cost per Academic Year
Tuition and fees
$27,700 (24 credits)
Rent and utilities
Personal expenses $4,900
Books $1,500
Total $50,600