Summer at Linz

Summer at Linz

The STM is delighted to partner with the Katholische Privatuniversität Linz (KU Linz) in Linz, Austria to offer STM students an opportunity to enrich your theological education by studying at an institution that has been doing theology for 300 years.  

Boston College STM Summer at Linz is typically comprised of 2 three-week sessions, including a six-week Theological German course in the mornings and two three-week courses in English, in the afternoon. Due to Covid-19, in summer 2022, only German for Theologians will be offered (online). Please see details below.

Current STM students do not need to apply and should reach out to Marcia Ryan ( If you are interested in participating in Summer at Linz and are not a current STM student, please apply below or contact STM admissions with questions (

Summer Classes 2022 (online)

About KUL

KUL is the only private, Catholic university in Upper Austria, with a student body of 400. The campus is located within walking distance of the picturesque center of Linz, a city of more than 200.000 people. The city is a mix of contemporary retail stores among the charming stone walkways, Baroque architecture, medieval churches and traditional Austrian cafes. KUL was founded in 1672, and the first to be accredited as Private University in the year 2000. The three main areas of graduate degree awards: theology, philosophy and art in religion. Linz is looking to internationalize by bringing students from abroad to KUL. Many Linz students matriculate during the week and return home on the weekends to rural areas.

Living in Linz

The accommodations that will be provided for STM summer session students are generous.  The seminary across the courtyard from the school has all the amenities one would need for a comfortable six weeks abroad.  Each room is similar to a college dorm room with a bed, desk, storage area, but with slightly more space.  Breakfast is included in the cost of the stay and held in an attractive dining room, Monday-Friday.  There are four floors in the building designated for seminarians, administration, the Jägerstätter Institute, chapel and one floor for visiting students and faculty.  A kitchen is available for weeknight dinners that students will be responsible to provide for themselves.  For those who prefer a quick meal out, there are plenty of options within walking distance.  A washer and dryer area is available at a modest cost.

Linz is the third-largest city of Austria and capital of the state of Upper Austria (one out of nine states altogether). The population of the city is about 200,000.  Linz is also located 10 miles from the Czech border, and within reasonable distance of the borders of Italy and Germany for students wishing to explore outside of Austria.  KUL is accessible via train from the Vienna airport.  The train ride is just under 1.5 hours from Vienna. The train also makes weekend excursions to various parts of Austria simple and affordable. Linz is best known for its high-tech innovations as well as its contemporary art scene coming together in a unique way in the Ars Electronica Center (

Application Information


Current STM students do not need to apply and should reach out to Marcia Ryan ( If you are interested in participating in Summer at Linz and are not a current STM student, please apply below or contact STM admissions with questions (


Application Form

The application to STM must be completed online. Students interested in studying in Linz should apply as a non-degree student for Summer 2020.

Application Form


Additional requirements for international applicants

Additional requirements for religious applicants

Application Fee

A non-refundable fee of $75 is required for every degree and non-degree application submitted.

Payment Options

  • Pay by credit or debit card via the web; You can pay the application fee at the same time your submit your application form.  However, if you do not pay the fee at the same time you submit your application, you can pay online at a later date through the Agora Portal. You must use your BC Username and password to log in.

  • Pay by check or money order made payable to Boston College, via regular mail.  Please include your check with a copy of your application form submission confirmation page and include your name and intended degree program.

Please note: The application fee cannot be refunded for any reason. If you qualify for a fee waiver, you should not pay the fee when you submit the application form. Fee waivers are automatically granted to the following applicants: Jesuits, veterans, applicants currently completing a year of service, and current STM students. We do not waive the application fee for other reasons.

Personal Statement

The personal statement must be uploaded as part of the application.  The personal statement should be two to three pages in length, double-spaced.

Your statement should address the following:

  • The academic, professional, and personal development that has motivated you to apply to STM. Include a sketch of your educational background and interests, any experience you have in ministry and/or religious education, and any other relevant professional and volunteer experience
  • Your understanding of theological education and/or ministry in the context of the Church’s mission
  • How you plan to apply your theological education
  • Given your experience, how you assess your principal strengths for theological education and/or ministry as well as your areas of needed development


One copy of each transcript is required from all colleges, universities, seminaries, or theological schools that you have attended. Each transcript should contain a list of all coursework taken, grades/marks received, and, if applicable, degree granted and date of degree confirmation. If your college or university will send official transcripts electronically, they can be emailed to  Otherwise, transcripts must be mailed and be contained in a sealed, signed envelope. If the official transcript is not English, a translation should be provided with the official document. Please alert us if your transcript will be arriving with a different name than the one you are using on your application (e.g. your maiden name).

Mailing Addresses
For applicants using the U.S. Postal Service:
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry
Simboli Hall
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

For applicants using FedEx or UPS, please use this address:
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry
Simboli Hall
9 Lake Street
Brighton, MA 02135-3841