Programs in Hispanic Theology and Ministry

Programs in Hispanic Theology and Ministry

As part of its commitment to forming creative and transformative leaders who take seriously the challenges and opportunities of serving in culturally diverse contexts, the School of Theology and Ministry offers an exciting curriculum in Hispanic Theology and Ministry. Our programs prepare pastoral leaders, academics, educators and other professionals to serve the needs of a fast-growing Hispanic Catholic population in the United States. These programs offer our entire academic community the opportunity to engage leading U.S. Hispanic and Latin American theological voices as part of their formation. Boston College has one of the largest concentrations of Hispanic and Latin American theologians teaching in one institution in the country who bring truly enriching perspectives on research, teaching and mentorship.

Mindful that nearly 45 percent of all Catholics in the United States self-identify as Hispanic/Latino, our research, academic programs and educational practices are at the forefront of the conversation on how to serve ministerially and think theologically in an increasingly Hispanic church.

Tuition Scholarship

Qualified lay applicants, Hispanic and non-Hispanic, who demonstrate a clear commitment to Hispanic ministry and theology, and who intend to work with Hispanic communities after completing their studies, are eligible for at least a 75% tuition scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, promise and availability.

Scholarships and Financial Aid


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M.A. in Theology and Ministry

Earn your master's through M.A. program, which can be completed either full-time or through a hybrid model (online and summers in-person). Concentration option in Hispanic Ministry.

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Certificate in Theology and Ministry

This flexible 18-credit certificate program can be completed completely online and provides broad grounding in theology and ministry.

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Certificate in Hispanic Ministry

Are you already enriching Hispanic communities—or interested in doing so in the future? This 18-credit program is perfect for students and professionals, with graduate degrees and without, who wish to focus their service on Hispanic ministry.

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Students in other degree programs are welcome to incorporate courses and potential concentrations in Hispanic theology and ministry. Contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Faculty Advancing U.S. Hispanic and
Latin American Theological/Ministerial Studies

Our faculty are committed to teaching and research that engages culturally diverse contexts and theology. With expertise in areas such as theology and culture, Latinx Christianity, Latin American liberation theology, and Global Catholicism, your time at STM will offer you the space to learn from leading theologians in the area of Hispanic theology and ministry.

Latinx Christianity

Benjamin Valentin

Global Catholicism

Margaret E. Guider, O.S.F.

Theology of the People

Rafael Luciani

In addition to our renowned faculty at STM specializing in Latin American theologies and Hispanic minsitry, STM is a proud sponsor of the Hispanic Summer Program, which offers summer courses at a host institution with leading Hispanic / Latinx scholars at an extremely reasonable cost to students. 

Fostering Connection

Corazón Latinx

Corazón Latinx is a cultural affinity group at STM for Latin@s and Latin American students that supports cultural events and discussions on theology from a Latin American and US Latin@ perspective.


STM is proud to partner with a number of organizations supporting Hispanic ministry in the U.S.: National Association of Diocesan Directors for Hispanic Ministry (NCADDHM), National Catholic Council for Hispanic Ministry (NCCHM), and LaRED National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana.

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Formación Continua

In addition to our graduate degree programs, we also offer a robust continuing education program in both Spanish and English. More information on our programs in Spanish are included below.

Los cursos en español de la Escuela de Teología y Ministerio (STM) de Boston College están orientados a la formación continua de todas las personas que quieran profundizar en su desarrollo humano, espiritual y teológico desde una perspectiva cristiana. Esto les permitirá conocerse mejor como personas que viven sus vidas en relación con otros en la sociedad.



Certificado de Liderazgo

Aprende Más

La Escuela de Teología y Ministerio, y la Escuela de Social Work de Boston College ofrece un programa de formación para líderes de las comunidades eclesiales hispanas.


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Estos cursos se ofrecerán bajo una doble modalidad. Pueden ser realizados de forma presencial, en el Campus de Boston College; o de forma virtual, mediante la plataforma en línea de la universidad.


Aprende Más

A continuación ofrecemos una serie de videos destinados a la formación continua de personas y grupos interesados en profundizar temas de actualidad teológica y pastoral.

Annual Hispanic Ministry Renewal Day

Día de formación y crecimiento para líderes pastorales