STM Values

As part of STM's strategic planning process and in line with the vision of STM for the next 10 years, committees comprised of students, faculty, and staff articulated a set of core values. Inspired by the vision and practice of Jesus Christ and grounded in the Ignatian tradition, STM will educate a generation of theological and ministerial leaders who embody these values:

Forming Christian leaders for a variety of academic and ecclesial contexts and for faith-based service

Engaging in scholarship, critical thinking, and the practices of prayer and discernment

Forging collaborative communities of learning and worship

Making accessible the richness of the Catholic and Jesuit theological and spiritual traditions

Celebrating inclusivity and respect for difference, and constructive engagement with diversity, including interreligious and ecumenical encounters

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Five Commitments

In light of these values, STM has discerned five commitments that will guide decisions with regard to curriculum and formation.
They express what is most important to us as a community as we share together in the mission of the Church
and strive together to embody the magis to which we are called by Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Gracious Leadership

We are committed to formation that prepares students to serve as leaders who are attentive to God’s movement in the world and responsive to Christ’s call in diverse ecclesial, academic, and social contexts, both local and global.


As members of a pilgrim community, we are committed to discerning how best to shape our theological and ministerial formation in response to developments in society and the Church.


We commit ourselves to catholicity by taking into account the diverse backgrounds, vocations, contexts, cultures and perspectives that engage our collective theological imaginations and ministerial aspirations.  In doing so, we embody the Jesuit charism of cura personalis, mindful of the contribution that each person is uniquely positioned to make in the Church and the world.


We commit ourselves to the integration of the interactive dynamics of formation: human, spiritual, intellectual, pastoral. We believe that effective formation for ministry happens at the confluence of these four elements. This convergence occurs in all aspects of the school.

Rigor Across Formation

We commit ourselves to being highly and consistently rigorous in academic, spiritual, human and pastoral formation. Our faculty and graduates embody a critical knowledge of the intellectual and spiritual traditions of the Catholic faith that enables them to communicate the Gospel effectively and shapes them as leaders in the evangelization of cultures through direct pastoral ministry and the intellectual life of the academy.