Advanced Bulgarian 1 and 2
Gribble and Gribble
BU 1.003

Elementary Bulgarian 1 and 2
Gribble and Gribble
BU 1.001

Intermediate Bulgarian 2
Gribble and Rudin
BU 1.002

51 Languages of the World
Dual-platform CD-ROM featuring 51 languages from all over the world; allows the user to speak with native speakers; interactive dialogues and conversation practice aid the user in learning and understanding more advanced speech, while games and quizzes make learning the language fun and interactive.

Edelweiss BP
Online bookstore selling Bulgarian books and periodicals

LangMedia: Bulgarian in Bulgaria
Five College Center for the Study of World Languages
Authentic, unscripted video, audio, and still images covering practical aspects of daily life in Bulgaria

My Language Exchange: Bulgarian Pen Pals
Help a Bulgarian learn English while they help you learn Bulgarian