Greek Resources

Greek Language and People
CL/G 1.006
Beginning-level text and audiocassettes to accompany the 1983 BBC television program of the same title; videocassette series of 10 twenty-five minute programs also available.

Greek Now 1 + 1
CL/G 1.010
Beginning-level text and accompanying audiocassettes focus on the learning of Greek via dialogues, texts, exercises, grammar explanations, and vocabulary.

Greek Now 2 + 2
CL/G 1.011
Intermediate-level text and accompanying audiocassettes focus on the learning of Greek via dialogues, texts, exercises, grammar explanations, vocabulary, and a detective story.

Modern Greek I Readings
CL/G 1.005
5 audiocassettes of the readings of Greek poetry and prose which appear in the text A Manual of Modern Greek I (© 1974, 1983 by Anna Farmakides), the first volume in series A of the McGill University Companions to Modern Greek Studies; text available.

Pimsleur: Conversational Greek
Lessons 1–16
CL/G 1.012

Please see Part I, pages 2 and 3, of Catalogue of Audiovisual Materials for Classics and Modern Greek at Boston College, available in the Language Laboratory.

Manos Hadzidakis
Two Ballets: Six Folk Paintings and The Accursed Snake
CL 3.011

Manos Hadzidakis
For Helen
CL 3.013

Manos Hadzidakis
The Great Love Song
CL 3.006

Manos Hadzidakis
First Performance
CL 3.007

Vasílis Papathanasiou and Iréne Papa
CL 3.015

Dionysios Savópoulos
10 Years of Songs
CL 3.010

Mikis Theodorakis
18 Songs of the Bitter Motherland on Poetry of Y. Ritsos
CL 3.012

Mikis Theodorakis
The Small Cyclades by O. Elytis and 4 Other Songs
CL 3.008

Vasílis Tsitsánis
CL 3.014

Nikos Xyloúris
CL 3.009

Greek Language and People
CL/G 1.006
Videocassette series of 10 twenty-five minute programs produced by the BBC in 1983 for the purpose of teaching/learning beginning-level modern Greek; among the geographical locations highlighted within the language lessons = Andros, Athens, Corfu, Corinth, Kalamata, Metsovo, Peloponnese, and Sifnos; cultural themes include: the Greek alphabet, church and religious celebrations, education, family life, food and drink, the importance of olives, pottery, tourism, the tradition of the square, worry beads; also available are the beginning-level text and audiocassette series of the same title.
Narration in English within an English to Greek language learning format
Total time: 2 hours 10 minutes

The Origins of the Drama and Theater
Two 1/2" VHS color videocassettes from Educational Video Network
Part I: The Origin of the Drama explores the development of Greek drama from religious festivals honoring the gods and discusses vulgar jest becoming comedies, hymns becoming tragedies.
Part II: The Origin of the Theater documents the development of classic theater from its beginning on threshing floors through a Golden Age of drama in Greece to the amphitheaters of Roman times.
In English; study questions and answers available
Part I: 13 minutes
Part II: 15 minutes

Greek Phrasebook & Dictionary
Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. © 2013
ISBN: 978-1-74220-988-3

Oxford English-Greek Learner's Dictionary Second Edition
D. N. Stavropoulos (Edited by G. N. Stavropoulos)
Oxford: Oxford University Press © 2008
ISBN: 978-0-19-4325677

LangMedia: Greek in Greece
Five College Center for the Study of World Languages
Authentic, unscripted video, audio, and still images covering practical aspects of daily life in Greece

Filoglossia Web Version
A very good online beginner Greek course, includes audio

Greek News Links
Links to Greek news sources on the Internet
Greek radio and television streams

E-Radio Hellas
More Greek radio stations

Learn Greek Online
Online Greek courses with over 105 audio files around 15 minutes each

multipedia Εκδοτική
Greek language learning publisher debuts its first product: Audible Bilingual Book Readers. This iOS Application (iPad/iPhone) reader features selections from Greek literature and journalism narrated at a natural pace with optional English and Spanish subtitles. Online demo now available, compatible with Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

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