First Year Students

Freshmen who are considering applying to become International Studies majors at the end of their first year should consider taking the following courses to fulfill their social science University Core requirement and to fulfill the core requirement in Economics for the International Studies major:

  • ECON 1131 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 1132 Principles of Macroeconomics

Students may also consider taking one or both of the basic courses in Political Science which fulfill Disciplinary Base requirements for Political Science track for the International Studies major, as well as social science requirements of the University Core.

  • POLI 1041 Fundamentals of Politics and POLI 1042 Introduction to Modern Politics

To enroll in POLI 1041 or POLI 1042 students need to declare a Political Science major.

Although the following courses are not required, they provide excellent background for the major in International Studies, fulfill University Core requirements in Theology and History, and may be used to fulfill the International Studies core requirement in History, Culture, and Society:

  • THEO 1161-1162 The Religious Quest I and II
  • HIST 1005-1006 Asia in the World, HS 1055-1056 Globalization, HS 1059-1060 Islam and Global Modernities, or HS 1063-1064 Latin America in the World.