Spring 2017 Courses

This list is subject to change.

Fine Arts

ARTH2280 Masterpieces of Islamic Art  

ARTH3314 Art and Archeology of Egypt and Ancient Near East

ARTH3350 Object in Islamic Art


HIST2155 Podcasting the Ottomans

HIST4140 Middle East in the Twentieth Century  

HIST5110 Cities of the Islamic Mediterranean

Islamic Civilization and Societies

ICSP1611 Middle Eastern Musical Lang, Choir, Ensemble II

ICSP2226 Inside the Kingdom: Conversations with Saudi Women

ICSP2250 Conversion, Islam, and Politics in the Balkans  

ICSP2638 Islamic Political Philosophy

ICSP3310 Women and Gender in Islam  

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

NELC1122 Elementary Arabic II  

NELC1124 Elementary Arabic Pacticum II

NELC1132 Arabic for Scholars II Department

NELC1252 Biblical Hebrew II  

NELC1332 Persian for Scholars II

NELC2122 Intermediate Arabic II

NELC2124 Intermediate Arabic Practicum II

NELC2161 Modern Middle Eastern and Arabic Literature  

NELC 2332 Advanced Readings in Persian Texts  

NELC2432 Advanced Readings in Turkish Texts  

NELC3162 Business Arabic  

NELC4122 Advanced Arabic II

NELC4130 Advanced Arabic Reading Seminar  

NELC4190 Advanced Tutorial Arabic

Political Science

POLI2427 International Migration and Refugees  

POLI2451 France and the Muslim World  

POLI4690 The Political Philosophy of Al Farabi

POLI7804 Politics and Society in the Middle East  


THEO1162 Religious Quest II  

THEO1162 Religious Quest II  

THEO1703 Building a Habitable Planet 

THEO5441 Ibn Arabi and Islamic Humanities