Fall 2016 Courses

This list is subject to change.

Fine Arts

ARTH 2213 Introduction to Islamic Architecture

ARTH 4417 Paper Trails


COMM 2262 Online Communication and Global Society


ECON 3316 The Economics of Refugees and Economic Migrants


HIST 4133 Middle East Nationalisms Compared: Pan-Turkism, Pan-Arabism, and Zionism

HIST 4134 Ottoman Empire, 1300-1924

HIST 4135 History & Historiography of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Islamic Civilization and Societies

ICSP 1199 Islamic Civilization

ICSP 1610 Middle Eastern Musical Lang, Choir, Ensemble - I

ICSP 2309 Music and Culture in the Middle East

ICSP 2615 Islam and Liberal Democracy

ICSP 3328 Islam in the Iberian Peninsula

ICSP 4941 Senior Seminar

ICSP 7010 Islam and History in the Middle East

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

NELC 1121 Elementary Arabic

NELC 1123 Elementary Arabic Practicum

NELC 1131 Arabic for Scholars I

NELC 1331 Persian for Scholars I

NELC 1251 Biblical Hebrew

NELC 2061 Language, Memory and Identity in the Middle East

NELC 2121 Intermediate Arabic I

NELC 2123 Intermediate Arabic Practicum

NELC 2211 Continuing Modern Hebrew I

NELC 2331 Advanced Readings in Persian Texts

NELC 2431 Advanced Readings in Turkish Texts

NELC 4121 Advanced Arabic

NELC 4130 Advanced Arabic Reading Seminar

NELC 4190 Advanced Tutorial Arabic

Political Science

POLI 2405 Comparative Politics of the Middle East

POLI 2420 Modern Iran

POLI 2426 Modern Turkish Politics

POLI 3444 Intellectuals and Politics in the Middle East

POLI 7814 Religion in International Politics


SOCY 3367 Social Justice in Israel/Palestine


THEO 1161/1162 Religious Quest

THEO 1700 Theological inquiry

THEO 5544 Prophetic Tradition: Exploring the Hadith