Environmental Studies Major Requirements

The ENVS major consists of a minimum of 43 credits, equivalent to at least 14 full-semester courses, as detailed below. ENVS students may choose more than one major, but at least 27 credits for the ENVS major must not be used to fulfill requirements for another major or minor (i.e., 16 credits can be shared).

A. Intro Seminar (1 credit, p/f)

B. Environmental Systems courses (8 credits, 2 credits each)

One of:
  • EESC2201 The Human Footprint
Three of:
  • EESC2202 Ecosystems
  • EESC2203 Water Resources
  • EESC2204 The Critical Zone
  • EESC2205 Climate Change
  • EESC2206 Oceans
  • EESC2207 Earthquakes
  • EESC2208 Quantitative Methods

C. Foundation courses (9 credits):

  • ENVS 3360 Research Methods in Environmental Studies
  • HIST 2406 US Environmental History or HIST 4701 Ecological History of the Atlantic World or HIST 1710 Nature & Power: Modern World
  • SOCY/ENVS 3562 Environmental Sociology I

D. Concentration (18 credits)

E. Elective (3 credits)

F. Senior Research Seminar (4 credits) or Senior Thesis (6 credits)

  • ENVS 4941 Senior Research Seminar [Fall]
  • ENVS 4942 Senior Research Seminar II [Spring]
  • ENVS 4951 Senior Thesis I [Fall]
  • ENVS 4952 Senior Thesis II [Spring]
  • ENVS 4961 Senior Honors Thesis I [Fall]
  • ENVS 4962 Senior Honors Thesis II [Spring]