18 Credits

The Catholic Studies minor requires THE0 1024
Exploring Catholicism II (3 cr., normal prerequisite THE0 1023) and 15 additional credits in approved electives, with at least three credits from each of the three Catholic Studies clusters: The Catholic Imagination; Catholicism in Time and Space; and Catholic Social Thought.

College regulations specify that at least 15 credits in an interdisciplinary minor must be unique to that program, i.e., may not be used also to fulfill requirements for a major or core or for another minor.

The electives also ideally should include a concluding integrative research exercise (e.g., seminar, senior thesis) dealing either with the inculturation of Catholicism in different regions or with a theme approached from several disciplinary perspectives and across historical periods (e.g., "Catholic practices of asceticism" in art, music, literature, theology).

Students should meet with the Director of the Minor each semester before registration for course approval.