The American Studies Program offers a slate of journalism courses with JOUR ("journalism") numbers. They include, for example, JOUR 2230, News Writing; JOUR 2231, Feature Writing; JOUR 2227, Broadcast Writing; JOUR 2229, Introduction to Magazine Writing; JOUR 2234, News Ethics; JOUR 2233, Advanced Journalism; JOUR 2225, Journalism and New Media. These are workshop-sized courses taught by experienced journalists, emphasizing hands-on professional knowledge and training. They are open to students in all majors and schools, and you do not need to minor in American Studies to take them, but American Studies minors with an area of concentration within the minor other than journalism can count one of these JOUR-numbered journalism courses toward the minor, and American Studies minors who declare journalism as their area of concentration within the minor can count up to three of these courses toward the minor.