American Studies Senior Seminar

In your senior year, you must enroll in the course designated as the American Studies Senior Seminar. The topic of the seminar, an interdisciplinary course housed in one of the major cooperating departments, varies every year. For the 2019-2020 academic year, the seminar will be offered in Spring 2020 and taught by Christina Klein of the English Department. The course is required for completion of the minor; admissions will be by permission of the instructor or the director of the American Studies Program.

ENGL 551301: American Studies Senior Seminar: Visual & Material Culture (Spring 2020)

This course will examine selected subjects in American culture, with a focus on visual and material artifacts, including movies, photographs, painting, material objects, and museum exhibitions. It will culminate in a seminar paper, a substantial research project due at the end of the semester, on which students will work throughout the semester.