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Showcasing the research and writing of aads core and affiliate faculty

AADS 2017-2018 Works-in-Progress Lecture Series

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Note: All Presentations are scheduled for Wednesdays – Noon – Lyons Hall 301 Conference Room, unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2017

Nov. 1, Anjali Vats, Assistant Professor of Communication & AADS, Boston College
" 'Take My Name, I Don't Need It': Prince, Naming and (Intellectual) Property Rights for Black Creators"

Nov. 29, Régine Jean-Charles, Associate Professor of RLL and AADS, Boston College
" 'Gran moun se moun': Aging and Intersectionality in Haitian Novels"

Spring 2018

Feb. 7, Sergio Pinto-Handler, AADS 2017-2018 Dissertation Fellow, Dept. History, SUNY-Stony Brook
"Remembering Emancipation: Monarchist Nostalgia in Rio's Abolitionist Community, 1889-1900"

Mar. 14, Jonathan Howard, Assistant Professor of English & AADS, Boston College
"The Blueness of Blackness"

Apr. 18, Amey Victoria Adkins, Assistant Professor of Theology & AADS, Boston College
"Unsolicited Immortality: Henrietta Lacks, Mitochondrial Eve, and the Eschatology of Black Women's Bodies"