Fifth Year B.A./M.A. and B.S./M.S.

In cooperation with the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School offers a five-year B.A./M.A. program in some departments. Application to the program normally takes place early in the second semester of the junior year. Students in the two-year M.A. program cannot be retroactively considered for the five-year B.A./M.A. program. That is, students who begin the two-year M.A. program cannot switch to the B.A./M.A. program.

The applicant must complete an application to the Master's degree program in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Application requirements may differ slightly from the traditional Master's program. Please check with the department to determine required materials.

Admission to the B.A./M.A. program normally requires an overall GPA of 3.333 and a GPA of 3.5 in the major, although specific B.A./M.A. program requirements will vary across departments. The program limits the number of courses to two in total credited towards the Master's degree that may also be counted towards the undergraduate degree. The undergraduate degree will be conferred upon completion of undergraduate requirements. The Master's degree will be conferred upon completion of degree requirements as specified by the department.