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The Religious Question I and II

The introductory undergraduate course for Comparative Theology is offered as The Religious Quest. All other courses are electives or graduate level courses.

THEO 1161/1162 The Religious Quest: Comparative Perspectives

You must take both sections of the Religious Quest I and II (THEO 1161 and THEO 1162) to receive Core credit. There are no exceptions.

The Religious Quest explores the individual and communal search for wisdom about human nature, the world, ultimate realities and God, secrets of love and death, also enduring values to live by and paths to spiritual maturity. Although each section is different, likely themes include symbols, myths, doctrines, rituals, holy texts, saints, comparisons and contrasts among traditions, relevance of classical religious traditions to issues in today's world, inter-religious dialogue today, and religious diversity in the Boston area. Each section brings the Biblical and Christian tradition into conversation with at least one other religious tradition.

The sections for 2015-16 are as follows:

Christopher Conway
Natana DeLong-Bas—Islam
Ruth Langer—Judaism
John Makransky—Buddhism
Andrew Massena
H. John McDargh—Judaism, Buddhism
James Morris—Islam, Judaism
David Mozina—Daoism, Chinese Religions


Non-Core Courses

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Fall 2015

THEO 1107/AADS 1120 Religion in Africa (Elective): Lugira

THEO 2241/CLAS 2242/HIST 4211 Roman Religion (Elective): Eshleman

THEO 3261 Spirituality and Sexuality (Undergrad and Grad): McDargh

THEO 3343 Genocide and Film (Elective): Michalczyk and Helmick

THEO 3548/PHIL 4448/TMCE 7110 Buddhist Thought and Practice (Elective): Makransky

THEO 5349 Israel in Jewish Theology (Undergrad and Grad): Langer

THEO 5352 Israelis and Palestinians: Two Peoples, Three Faiths (Undergrad and Grad): Helmick

THEO 5554 Encountering the Qur'an: Contexts and Approaches (Undergrad and Grad): Morris

THEO 6578/PHIL 6578 Daoism (Undergrad and Grad): Mozina

Spring 2016

 THEO 1108/AADS 1121 Christianity in Africa (Elective): Lugira

THEO 4456/PHIL 4456/HIST 4846 The Holocaust: A Moral History (Elective): Bernauer

THEO 4472/TMCE 4472/PHIL 4472 Buddhist Ethics in Theory and Practice (Undergrad and Grad): Makransky

THEO 5351/TMST 3351 Faith Elements in Conflicts (Undergrad and Grad): Helmick

THEO 5387 Mahayana Buddhism in East Asia (Undergrad and Grad): Mozina

THEO 5487/TMST 8533 Passover in Midrash & Talmud (Undergrad and Grad): Langer

THEO 5500/ICSP 3310 Women and Gender in Islam (Undergrad and Grad): DeLong-Bas

THEO 5566 Mystical Poetry in the Islamic Humanities (Undergrad and Grad): Morris