Biblical Studies

Biblical studies focuses on the canonical books of the Bible both within their historical and cultural worlds and in relation to their reception within the Christian and Jewish traditions.

Fall 2016 Courses

THEO1001 Biblical Heritage I

THEO2231 The Bible and Ecology (John Darr)

THEO4446 David: The Hebrew Bible and History (David Vanderhooft)

THEO5514 Parables of Jesus (John Darr)

THEO5545 New Testament Sacraments and Rituals (Pheme Perkins)

THEO5564 Studies in Luke—Acts (John Darr)

THEO5582 Biblical Hebrew I (Jeffrey Cooley)

THEO7673 The Minor Prophets (David Vanderhooft)

THEO8817 Christ in the New Testament (Pheme Perkins)

Spring 2017 Courses

THEO1002 Biblical Heritage II

THEO5456 Genesis (Jeffrey Cooley)

THEO5504 Gospel of John: Parting of the Ways of Judiams and Christianity (Adele Reinhartz)

THEO5583 Biblical Hebrew II (Jeffrey Cooley)

THEO7705 Curating Revelation: Ancient Reception, Transmission, and Transformation of Scripture (Yonder Gilihan)

THEO7803 Graeca (Pheme Perkins)

THEO7827 Introduction to the New Testament (Graduate) (Pheme Perkins)