Theology Department Faculty

Elizabeth L. Antus

Assistant Professor



Selected Publications

“‘The Silence of the Dead’: Remembering Suicide Victims and Reimagining the Communion of Saints.” Theological Studies 81.2 (June 2020): 394–413.

“‘Was it Good for You?’ Recasting Catholic Sexual Ethics in Light of Women’s Sexual Pain Disorders.” Journal of Religious Ethics 46.4 (December 2018): 611–634.  [Winner of the CTSA’s 2018 LaCugna Award]

“‘A Woman’s Pain is Not a Gift’: Toward Sexual Flourishing for All.” Love, Sex, and Families: Catholic Perspectives. Eds. Jason King and Julie Hanlon Rubio (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press Academic, 2020), 35–45. 

  In progress:

The Tender Gift of Self-Love: A Feminist Theological Engagement with Augustine

[fully drafted; proposal accepted; currently being revised for full review at Notre Dame Press]

Recent Presentations

“What Does a Political, Liberationist Approach to Mental Illness Look Like?” (online, 2021)

 “Anger: Leashed and Unleashed” Panel (American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, November 2019)

Mulieris Veritatem: Feminist Truth-Telling about Sexual Violence and the Future of Catholic Theological Anthropology" (The Future of Systematic Theology: Traditions, Politics, and Possibilities, Fairfield, CT, September 2019)

“‘It Was Simply the End of What I Could Bear’: Using Psychology in a Metzian Frame for a Better Christian Response to Suicide” (Psyche, Soul, and Salvation: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Intersection of Psychology and Contemporary Christian Theology, Latrobe, PA, March 2019)

“The Enduring Legacy of Sexual Racism: #MeToo’s Complicity in the Silencing of Black Women’s Sexual Traumas" (American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, November 2018)

“‘The Silence of the Dead’: Depressive Suicide and the Eclipse of Grace and Freedom" (Catholic Theological Society of America, Indianapolis, IN, June 2018)

“What Makes 'Good Sex' for Women? Female Sexual Disorders as Disruptions to Sexual Unity and Test Cases for Rethinking Catholic Theologies of Marriage” (Catholic Theological Society of America, San Juan, PR, June 2016)