Theology Department Faculty

Elizabeth L. Antus

Assistant Professor of the Practice



Selected Publications

“‘The Silence of the Dead’: Remembering Suicide Victims and Reimagining the Communion of Saints.” Theological Studies [Forthcoming in late 2019/early 2020]

“‘Was it Good for You?’ Recasting Catholic Sexual Ethics in Light of Women’s Sexual Pain Disorders.” Journal of Religious Ethics 46.4 (December 2018): 611–634.  [Winner of the CTSA’s 2018 LaCugna Award]

“A Woman’s Pain is Not a Gift: Taking Seriously Women’s Sexual Pain Disorders for a Better Catholic Theology of Sex and Marriage.” Love, Sex, and Families: Catholic Perspectives. Eds. Julie Hanlon Rubio and Jason King. Forthcoming with Liturgical Press, 2019.

In progress:


Steady My Soul: An Augustinian Feminist Account of Self-Love

[fully drafted; proposal accepted; currently being revised for full review at Notre Dame Press]

Recent Presentations

“Mental Health Matters for Catholic Systematic Theology: Some Clarifying Remarks for the Future” (Catholic Theological Society of America; Baltimore, June 2020)

“Anger: Leashed and Unleashed” (Annual American Academy of Religion; San Diego, November 2019)

“God Does Not Evade and Neither Should We: A Consideration of Catholic Theology on Mental Illness and Suicide” (Invited Lecture at University of North Carolina Wilmington, September 2019)

Mulieris Veritatem: Feminist Truth-Telling about Sexual Violence and the Future of Catholic Theological Anthropology” (The Future of Systematic Theology; Fairfield, September 2019)

“‘It Was Simply the End of What I Could Bear’: Using Psychology in a Metzian Frame for a Better Christian Response to Suicide” (Psyche, Soul, and Salvation; Latrobe, March 2019)

“The Enduring Legacy of Sexual Racism: #MeToo’s Complicity in the Silencing of Black Women’s Sexual Traumas” (Annual American Academy of Religion; Denver, November 2018)

“‘The Silence of the Dead’: Depressive Suicide and the Eclipse of Grace and Freedom” (Catholic Theological Society of America; Indianapolis, June 2018)