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Membership Requirements

  • Most society-sponsored conferences require that you have a membership with the society in order to present papers at their meetings. Annual fees usually accompany membership, but there is often a special student rate.
  • Some societies, such as CTS and AAR/SBL, simply require that you to hold membership at the time of your presentation. This means you can wait to pay for your membership until after your paper is accepted, if you so choose.
  • Other societies, such as CTSA and SCE, have a lengthy membership process that requires application. You may need to plan ahead—even as early as a year ahead—in order to complete the membership process before submitting a paper proposal. These societies also have requirements tied to academic standing: both societies require that presenters have completed their comprehensive exams for the PhD.
  • If you find you can’t access a Call For Papers without paying to join the society in question, ask around—many fellow students and faculty are members of these societies and would be happy to pass CFPs around.


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Annual Conference Timeline

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