Awards and Honors

BC Sociology students have won a number of impressive awards and made spectacular achievements in a wide range of fields. A few of those students and former students are listed here, along with links that can help you to apply for your own fellowships. One of the ASG winners, Nicole Picone, says that the application process is a lot less intimidating than you might think, and the experience can be incredibly rewarding. Fellowship awards provide not only funds and great listings on your grad applications and CVs, but an opportunity to do creative research in areas that are personally and socially compelling.

If you see a grant or award you’re interested in, ask Professor Mike Malec to suggest a faculty member who might be able to advise you. If you need a faculty member to nominate you for an award you think you might be eligible to win, just ask a professor who has some understanding of your qualifications to do it for you.

Fellowships and Awards

Keep in mind when reviewing scholarship deadlines that some of the applications take time to develop; the Advice section of BC's Fellowship site recommends you start a semester in advance.

University Fellowship web site: Provides lists of undergraduate fellowshipsadvanced study grants.

Departmental awards: The Sociology Department annually presents the William A. Gamson award for outstanding academic achievement in sociology (generally chosen from graduating seniors who have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa), and the John D. Donovan award for the best paper written in a course in sociology (papers are submitted by faculty throughout the fall term and in the beginning of the spring term.

AHANA fellowships: The four primary AHANA awards are the Martin Luther King Memorial FellowshipOscar Romero Scholarship, the Amanda V. Houston Traveling Fellowship, and the Benigno and Corazon Aquino Scholarship. The AHANA Center also offers the Dr. Donald Brown and Karen Campbell Severin awards.

The Martin Luther King section also has a link to a list of 200 scholarships. This list includes minority fellowships, but it also includes many fellowship opportunities that are available to everyone.

Student Leadership Awards: The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) offers yearly awards recognizing the contributions of students to the co-curricular life of the University, students' growth in leadership roles, and students' creative involvement in campus life, as well as their faculty advisors. Nominations can be submitted by students, organizations, or faculty. To see a list of Student Leadership Awards and nominate someone for an award visit the OSI Awards web site.

If you’ve got a great academic record, consider the Scholar of the College award.

Award Winning Sociology Majors

Jamel Mims
Jamel Mims
 received a Fulbright Scholarship to study in China, where he did a sociological study of Beijing's hip-hop, urban, and street culture.

Earl Edwards

Earl Edwards was named Person of the Year by The Heights and also received the Alfred Feliciano and Valerie Lewis Award.

Conor Fitzmaurice
Connor Fitzmaurice 
was awarded the McCarthy Prize for his Scholar of the College thesis, "Tied to the Land or to the Market: The Story of an Organic Farm." He was advised by Brian Gareau and Paul Gray.

Catherine Duarte
Catherine Duarte
 is a recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship recognizing her commitment to living Dr. King's message of social justice, community, and equality.

Jessica Chau
Jessica Chau 
was the first recipient of the Benigno and Corazon Aquino Scholarship (formerly the Asian American Scholarship), which recognized her strong commitment to the Asian American community at BC.

Jeans Santana
Jeans Santana
 won the 17th annual Romero Award. The Romero Awardrecognizes a Boston College junior who exemplifies commitment to the values and ideals that Archbishop Romero held. The scholarship recipients must demonstrate an outstanding record of involvement in and service to the Hispanic and Latino community at BC and in the wider community.