Sociology Department

Isak Ladegaard

Ph.D. Student




  • 2018. Crime Displacement in Digital Drug Markets: Relocation of Supply and Demand. International Journal of Drug Policy. Forthcoming.
  • 2018. Fitzmaurice, C. J., Ladegaard, I., Attwood-Charles, W., Cansoy, M., Carfagna, L. B., Schor, J. B., & Wengronowitz, R. Domesticating the market: moral exchange and the sharing economy. Socio-Economic Review. (Lead author with Fitzmaurice.)
  • 2018. Ladegaard, I. Hosting the comfortably exotic: Cosmopolitan aspirations in the sharing economy. The Sociological Review, 66(2), 381-400.
  • 2017. Ladegaard, I. “I Pray That We Will Find a Way to Carry on This Dream”: How a Law Enforcement Crackdown United an Online Community. Critical Sociology, 0896920517735670.
  • 2017. Ladegaard, I. Instantly Hooked? Freebies and Samples of Opioids, Cannabis, MDMA, and Other Drugs in an Illicit E-Commerce Market. Journal of Drug Issues, 0022042617746975.
  • Ladegaard, I. (2017). We know where you are, what you are doing and we will catch you: Testing deterrence theory in digital drug markets. The British Journal of Criminology58(2), 414-433.