Tuition, Health Care and Housing


Current tuition costs and other fees are given on the Student Services Tuition and Fees website. Look at the cost for Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Note additional costs listed on the same page, including medical insurance, registration fees, student activity fees, and various late fees.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences/Sociology department covers tuition and pays a stipend for all active Ph.D. students up to five years. For more information on tuition waivers and stipends, see Funding.

Insurance/Health Care

All BC students must have health insurance. For students who don't carry a policy of their own, Boston College is required by law to provide access to a health insurance policy. Fees are listed on the Tuition and Fees page, but the most specific information on health insurance can be accessed from the Student Services Medical Insurance page.

There is also a University Health Services website. Note that most students are automatically charged the Campus Health Fee. See this web site's Eligibility & Fees and Graduate Services Information pages to find out what fees and services apply to you.


Access the Residential Life website directly for information on housing.