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Sociology Speaks was our comprehensive annual newsletter, discontinued in 2011. Archived editions can are linked below, along with an earlier newsletter, Social Moments, produced by grad students, and another earlier newsletter, The Social Report, edited by Ritchie Lowry.

Sociology Speaks 2009-2010

Part Two of our Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series 2009, The Nature of Nature, featuring Anne Fausto-Sterling and Dorothy Roberts; and Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series 2010, Capitalism in Crisis, featuring David Harvey, Michael Hardt, and Saskia Sassen; retirement of Ritchie Lowry and Lynda Lytle Holmstrom; profile of alumna Kelly Joyce, winner of ASA’s 2010 Eliot Freidson Outstanding Publication Award; Ph.D. candidate Emilie Dubois wins Rachel Tanur Memorial Prize.

Sociology Speaks 2008-2009

Part One of our Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series 2009, The Nature of Nature: Emily Martin on Sleepless in America and the Unsaid in Medical Diagnoses; new faculty members Brian Gareau and Sara Moorman; award winning sociologists Associate Professor Natasha Sarkisian, PhD candidate Michael Cermak, Romero Scholarship winner Jeans M. Santana, and many others; the initiation of the Poverty, Families, and Social Policy program; profile of Ph.D. alumna Avery Gordon.

Sociology Speaks 2006-2008

Distinguished Visiting Scholars Giovanni Arrighi, Walden Bello, and Donatella della Porta on Social Justice and the New Globalization; the 2006-2008 Departmental Seminar Series; published BC Sociology undergraduate alumna Katherine Adam and co-author Professor Charles Derber; Public Sociology Initative at Boston College; ASA "Shils-Coleman" Prize for Social Theory winner William Wood; Alumna Sister Anne Munley, IHM, Ph.D. becomes President of Marywood University; Sharlene Hesse interviewed by David Karp.

Sociology Speaks 2005-2006

Distinguished Visiting Scholars Nancy Naples, Francesca Polletta, and Frances Fox Piven on Social Movements; Sarah Willie's and Liza Featherstone's presentations at NAWCHE conferences; faculty members Charlie Derber and David Karp's discussion of Karp's latest book, Is It Me Or My Meds?; Alumna Aimee Van Wagenen's examination of alumna Leah Schmalzbauer's research on Honduran transnational families.

Sociology Speaks 2004-2005

Distinguished Visiting Scholars Tricia Rose, Alondra Nelson, and Prudence Carter on Black Social Thought and Research; New Hires Zine Magubane, C. Shawn McGuffey, and Natasha Sarkisian; Charles Derber's Hidden Power; Bioterrorism: Fear, History, and Reality; the Geneology of Cyberpunk.

Sociology Speaks 2003-2004

Richard Swedberg on Economic Sociology, Sarah Babb interviews Juliet Schor on the commodification of childhood, James Holstein on publishing, Eva Garroutte on identity and survival of Native America, Mike Malec on service trip to Nicaragua, Michael Moore visits BC campus.

Sociology Speaks 2002-2003

Distinguished Visiting Scholars bell hooks, Mary Waters, and Michael Burawoy on Class and Social Inequality; an interview with Dr. Roseanna Means on addressing inequalities in health care; teach-in on the war in Iraq; BC sociology professors arrested for supporting strike for janitors; new hires Sarah Babb and Leslie Salzinger.

Sociology Speaks 2001-2002

Distinguished Visiting Scholars Patricia Hill Collins, Sandra Harding, and Dorothy Smith on Feminist Thought in the Early 21st Century; Tahmeena Faryal of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan discusses the war on terrorism; Rob Kroes, Visiting Scholar from University of Amsterdam, discusses civilization in the U.S. and Europe.


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