Major in Russian

major in russian

Requirements for the major in Russian are as follows:

Track 1: Russian Language and Literature (31 credits)

  • 9 credits in Russian grammar, composition, and stylistics beyond the intermediate level
  • 9 credits in Russian literature, including two survey courses for classical and modern Russian literature (SLAV2162 and SLAV2173)
  • 3 credits in Russian linguistics (The Structure of Russian, Early Slavic Linguistics and Texts, Old Church Slavonic, or Old Russian)
  • 9 credits in Russian literature or advanced Russian linguistics (list of approved courses available)
  • SLAV4192 AB comprehensive in Russian (1 credit)

Track 2: Russian Culture and Civilization (31 credits)

  • 3 credits in Russian Civilization (usually SLAV2165 Russian Civilization and Culture or SLAV2169 Slavic Civilizations)
  • 6 credits in Russian language beyond the intermediate level
  • 6 credits in classical and modern Russian literature (normally SLAV2162 Classics of Russian Literature and SLAV2173 Twentieth Century Russian Literature)
  • 15 credits from Russian and Slavic offerings, of which at least 9 credits must be Russian literature or culture
  • 1 credit SLAV4192 AB Compehensive in Russian