Spanish Language Program

Students in Madrid

Welcome to the Spanish Language Program at BC!

At Boston College, students will find a wide range of opportunities to develop and practice their Spanish and enjoy the diversity of the world's Spanish-speaking cultures. A division of the Hispanic Studies section of Boston College's Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, the Spanish Language Program offers courses and supplementary practica for students at all levels of proficiency. Each semester, between 850 and 1,000 students—including Hispanic Studies majors and minors and students in other disciplines—enroll in our program's language courses.

Composed of seven semesters of language instruction over four year, our curriculum has been carefully designed to foster progressive acquisition of proficiency in Spanish. From the first day of class, students are exposed to the Spanish language and trained to practice the essential skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) while expanding their vocabulary and learning new grammar points and structures in context. All courses incorporate the study of cultures from different Spanish-speaking countries. Students build their language skills while learning to understand relevant sociocultural and historical aspects of the Spanish-speaking world and appreciate and celebrate the differences between its cultures.

Boston College offers many opportunities to learn and practice Spanish at all levels of proficiency and enjoy the diversity of its cultures. Casa Hispánica offers a living experience in Spanish under the guidance of a native Spanish speaker, and includes a wealth of cultural activities in the target language. A number of our courses satisfy the University’s Literature Core or the University’s Cultural Diversity Core.

Pre-Registration Open House

Each semester (in November and April), the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures organizes a Pre-Registration Open House in the Lyons 3rd floor hallway for all students interested in taking courses within the Department. Our Faculty will inform you about our course offerings and give you personalized advice in order to choose the best Spanish courses for you. For further details about the next Open House, please contact