Language House (French and Spanish)


Voute Hall

The third floor of Vouté Hall offers a unique combination of private apartments and large common areas. Residents live in four-person apartments with others committed to speaking the same target language, either French or Spanish. Each apartment has two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, and bath. Various events are held in the common space on the floor, as well as in other locations on campus: concerts, readings and lectures; meals from Spanish and French-speaking regions; film screenings and discussions in collaboration with classes in the Romance Languages and Literatures Department.

The language house program enables approximately 30 students interested in language and culture to live together, and provides residents with the close personal guidance of graduate students, one in Spanish and one in French, who are experienced teachers. The graduate student residents are native-level speakers of the target languages.

Graduate Fellows-in-Residence

GFRs live in one of the apartments on the floor and, in coordination with the undergraduate Resident Assistants (RA’s), facilitate the planning and execution of activities designed to improve the students’ language skills, enrich their knowledge of other cultures, and generally contribute to their intellectual and personal development. They are responsible for the linguistic and intellectual functions of the program, and as such are available to the students as needed.

The GFRs for 2017-2018 are:

Laura Mir Rodriguez

Anna Glassman

La Casa Hispánica

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Emmanuella Udom

Emmanuella Udom

La Maison Francaise

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The Casa hispánica and Maison française each schedule a monthly calendar of activities, most of which are designed by and for the house residents. Non-residents are invited to attend selected events. Among the activities are regularly occurring events, such as dinners, conversation hours and student presentations. One-time happenings include film series, guest speakers, poetry readings, cooking classes and concerts. Outings to restaurants, museums and galleries are also organized.

Application Procedures

Students are invited to apply for residence at Vouté Hall in the Spring of their Freshman, Sophomore or Junior years. You can download the application at the Housing Website. Applicants should have at least moderate proficiency in the target language. Native speakers will be considered, but preference is given to non-native speakers. Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to participate in house activities open to the public during the year before they apply.

Residents commit to speaking the target language on the floor and take an active part in the planning and execution of activities, some of which they choose themselves. They take an active role in house events throughout the year, planning at least one event and attending at least two events each month.

In order to complete their application, students must interview with the respective graduate fellow-in-residence. Final selection will be made before the start of the housing lottery of the college. For further information please consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies.